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Striving for More (Fred Diamond)
August 5, 2022
Fred Diamond didn’t consider himself a natural salesperson, but after an epiphany at a coffee shop, he became his own best salesman. For him, making it is about always reaching for more.
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Fred Diamond  runs a business called The Institute for Excellence in Sales. He is devoted to growing the careers of B2B sales executives and their teams.

“You can't just accept the fact that you've made it, you have to keep striving.

— Fred Diamond
Fred Diamond is the cofounder and president of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES) based in Washington DC. The IES is the premier organization devoted to helping sales leaders hire, retain and motivate top tier sales talent.

     Under Fred's leadership, IES has become the industry's trusted partner for sales training, speakers, programs, and services. Fred is also the host of the popular Sales Game Changers podcast.

     The IES connects the top sales speakers, authors, and trainers in the world to sales leaders. IES also helps organizations determine the best sales training partner to engage with and run sales training programs for them. Many people knew Fred as a world-class marketing consultant to companies such as Microsoft and Oracle before he started the IES.

     His motto, "Marketing that doesn't lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money" demonstrated that it's about accelerating the sales process.

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