The SDR DiscoCall Podcast: For Brand New Sales Development Reps
#064 The SDR DiscoCall Show – Neil Bhuiyan
October 4, 2022
In our first episode two years ago, Neil shared his story of getting into sales and promised to discuss what else happened in his career. Today we get to explore Neil’s sales journey as Zuora’s only SDR in Europe, starting from scratch to becoming one of the best SDRs. In this episode, Neil talks to us about his sales career at Zuora, hiring Romano, Charlie & Patrick as part of his sales directives, establishing Zuora as a Mini-Company in London, and his aspirations to become an AE that made him pursue a new role at ShowPad. Plus, he shares his experience as an SDR manager, the worst mistake Neil ever made, lessons learned, and key takeaways from Zuora Company. The SDR DiscoCall Show is sponsored by Chili Piper. For more information, visit:
Neil shares his tech-sales journey in a start-up, building every process from scratch to building a mini-company in London. He also discusses his experience transitioning to different roles, trying to prove himself as an AE but failing to close the deal, and the impact of good teamwork. Plus, he shares his experience as a manager trying to micromanage people and why it negatively impacted the team.

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