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274. Celebrating our NEW Canadian National 1HR RECORD HOLDER | Angella Goran
September 12, 2022
Super excited to be the first to talk to good friend Angella Goran about her 1HR World Record attempt this past August in Mexico. Unfortunately, the World record didn't happen, we are so happy that she brings home the ever-impressive 1HR Canadian National World Record. Most importantly let's hear about her 2 yr journey through COVID to stay motivated and focused.

Angella Goran – founder of SokJok, first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, and long-time friend of our CEO, Birket Foster.
Her time is devoted to sports, business, and spending time with the local community. Angella founded the company SokJok, a social enterprise where sock sales become a sustainable leadership tool in supporting our youth programs in schools, teams and organizations. After SokJok, she then became the first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, TAPanGO Technologies Inc., specializing in financial services and insurance for anyone in sports at all levels and events. She also does consultations in marketing and communications for health, wellness and fitness.

Angella has been part of the competitive sporting world for over 15 years, competing in events for rowing, triathlons, and currently cycling. She has a passion for sports, and wants to encourage women and young girls to compete in sports!

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