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#164: How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant By Building Transformational Relationships & Adventures in Processing $1 BILLION In Credit Card Transactions… w/ Eric Douay
December 5, 2023
Today’s guest is a dear friend of mine and an AMAZING human full of wisdom and life experience… His name is Eric Douay. Eric is the founder of Fair Merchant Solutions, a credit card processing company that has processed over a BILLION dollars in transactions. While that sounds impressive and all, the thing I love most about Eric is how much he values his relationships and plays the LONG game with every relationship he has. In this episode, you’ll learn: - How, despite the fact that Eric has invested $600,000+ into attending masterminds, some of the wisest advice he ever received was from someone born in 1902… - How you can make your competition IRRELEVANT by building transformational relationships with your clients - How to avoid getting royally screwed over by credit card companies (This is a BIG one that can save you a TON of headache!) If you’re someone who loves playing the “long game” in your relationships, loves investing in yourself, and wants to learn how to protect your business from a crippling risk that destroys entrepreneurs every year… this episode is for you! To learn more about Eric, visit