Nutrition Heretic
Food Waste And Perfection Perception; Evan Hazelett of Imperfect Produce Is Taking Action
August 4, 2016
133 Billion pounds of food is wasted each year — and most of that comes from us! Consumer demand and ignorance of the law are among the principle reasons that supermarkets dispose of perfectly good produce. Our guest heretic Evan Hazelett of is doing something about it. Imperfect Produce delivers the freshest, less than perfect-looking fruits and vegetables to homes throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area in California at a fraction of supermarket prices. This isn’t rotten produce, just produce that’s either too small, too big, slightly blemished or otherwise less than beautiful to the average consumer. In this episode, you’ll learn how to choose the juiciest oranges every time, reduce food waste in your own home, inspire others to make use of produce that would otherwise rot on the ground and the best way to store your bananas.