Rock Your Retirement Show
Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes of 2018
December 31, 2018
HERE'S THE LIST OF THE TOP 10 MOST DOWNLOADED PODCAST IN 2018 * Episode 135 – Downsize your Home and your Life by Kathy Gottberg* Episode 141 – Retire Early and Travel Part 1 by Keith and Tina Paul* Episode 117 – Finding Meaning and Purpose in Retirement by Fritz Gilbert* Episode 143 – Tips for a Great Retirement Experience by Randy Gardner* Episode 116 – Six Pillars of Retirement by Kathe Kline* Episode 142 – Retire Early and Travel Part 2 by Keith and Tina Paul* Episode 123 – Longevity and Staying Young by Judy Gaman* Episode 121 – How Seasonal Jobs can Help you Rock Your Retirement by Kelcy Fowler and Matt Moore* Episode 138 – Men and Women in Retirement by Dr. Sara Yogev* Episode 129 – Clever Life Hacks to Improve Health by Kathe Kline