Talent hacks for scaleups
Ep: 18 - Katrina Collier, How to be a human-first recruiter in a tech world
June 7, 2023
On June’s episode of Talent hacks for scaleups, our host, Sophie Power was joined by Katrina Collier, recruitment pro and author of 'The Robot-Proof Recruiter'. In this episode, the two spoke about using a human-first approach to hiring that helps recruiters and talent people grab and hold a candidate’s attention better than a robot! In the current financial climate, and with the rise of automation tools and AI, it's important to know where to splash the cash and where to tighten your belt! With actionable tips and tricks throughout the episode, this isn't an episode to miss! As always, likes and comments are encouraged and feedback is always appreciated! Who would you like to see on our upcoming episodes? Check out our other episodes here: https://bit.ly/zincpodcast