Thriving in Complexity Podcast
020: Why Complexity And Procurement Can Go Hand In Hand with Sharon Bailey
May 22, 2023
Have you ever considered how procurement approaches have evolved to tackle the intricacies of our modern world? It's time to challenge the common assumption that procurement acts as a blocker rather than an enabler. In fact, there's a remarkable alignment between procurement and complexity, where context, active listening, and engagement pave the way for exceptional outcomes. In this episode of Thriving in Complexity, my guest is Sharon Bailey, the Chief Procurement Officer of the Queensland government. Sharon is not your typical head of government procurement and brings a diversity of experience and fresh perspectives to the table. From her early days as a social worker to her current role, Sharon has a deep understanding of how to achieve the best procurement outcomes in complex situations. During our interview, Sharon opens up about typical procurement challenges and how to tackle them. Whether it's commissioning infrastructure projects for the highly anticipated Brisbane 2032 or providing vital services to support individuals experiencing vulnerability, she offers diverse strategies to help you commission what is needed for the context. Join us as we delve deeper into the fascinating world where procurement and complexity intertwine, guided by the expertise of Sharon Bailey. She challenges the misconception that the procurement team is out to stifle your flexibility and adaptability in the face of emerging situations. Get ready to unlock the true potential of procurement in this thought-provoking episode of Thriving in Complexity with Sharon Bailey.