Business Launch Podcast
Nay Sakya Interview - Breakdown Basketball
September 27, 2022
Carlo Selorio interviews Basketball Trainer and entrepreneur Nay Sakya who has been one of the leading basketball trainers in Sydney Australia training NBA/NBL pros and junior basketball players. Nay shares his story on how he got started and what lies ahead for Breakdown Basketball.
 Hey, it's Carlo here from business launch podcast. I am here with one of Sydney, Australia. One of basketball trainers here. Who's making a lot of noise.  yeah, I'm just introducing Nay Sakya from breakdown basketball.

How you doing? Eh, I'm good, man. I'm good. You're one of the few people that said my last name properly, so that's cool. ? What did they say? All random things, man, I got like SYA. I'm like, it's not that hard, man.  I actually, I looked at it. I said, yeah, I think that's, that should be correct.

 Oh, I didn't wanna mispronounce your surname.  Yeah. Tell us about breakdown basketball. I know that you are one of the  leading  leading pro trainers here and youth trainers here in Sydney, because I've been actually looking for some and then until  my cousin Anthony and my nephew Jaylen said, oh yeah, we've been training with this guy in Nay.

 He's awesome. Yeah. Yeah, no, Jaylen's awesome too. Yeah, no breakdown basketball, man. I started in the actual brand itself was 20, 21 March. Yep. So it hasn't been too long, but  Basketball has always been a passion of mine  from the age I picked up a ball, which was pretty late. Anyway. I was like 13 when I first touching basketball.

Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah. But  it's always been a passion, had my ups and downs, as everyone does made some bad decisions, made some good decisions, but yeah, like I know what I can do. I know what I'm capable of. I know that I can see certain things that other people may not be able to see in themselves, or if they go to another coach wherever, and they can't see a certain thing, they come to me and I'm a spotter right away.

Yeah. So I think that's  it's not really the main thing I do, but the biggest thing for me is I want you to come into my gym and give it everything. Yeah. What I tell you, pay attention. Listen, do it. Cause there's a reason I'm making you do it. Yeah. Respect. Yeah. Breakdown basketball for me, man.

It's just. Helping people. Because when I grew up, I didn't have trainers. I had to go to a court by myself, 5:00 AM, 5:30 AM before school, get my shots up, do my own thing. But yeah, now. Kids are lucky nowadays, man, there's trainers everywhere. Yeah. There's trainers everywhere. Like Sydney, Sydney's blowing up with trainers right now.

So it's crazy. Oh  you are one of the leading trainers. I think a lot of people look up to you in social media. You are blowing up as well, bro. Yeah. It's a lot of hard work though. Man. Lot of hard work.  I saw you recording when you were training Julian and Jaylen that time.   Oh   yeah.

It's I saw you are all micd up and everything. Yeah, but Hey, speaking of that, I wanted to post that video like last week, but my camera guy didn't connect my mic properly. The quality of your videos is awesome. So on INTA and TikTok. So how many followers do you have a tick?  TikTok?

We hit 400 K like last. Think it was last week. Yeah, 400 K I think we're sitting on like around 410 K right now. Nice. And what's the main source of leads to get your client base. What do you mean?   How you getting your members, people coming to you to do training.

Oh, okay. Yeah. To be honest it is a lot of social media. A lot of social media is getting clients from  Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Central Coast. I've got a kid coming in next month for two day, two day workout two times a day. Next month in coming from. So  yeah.  There's people traveling have seen me on social media.

They wanna get in work. Yeah. The biggest thing for me as well is like social media doesn't show everything that I do in a workout. Yeah. Yeah. Like you would know firsthand, right?  Cause I come in, my workouts are intense. It's full. I'm gonna tell you what to  do it. If you get it wrong, I'm gonna help you fix it.

Yeah. I see this shot then fixing I'm gonna help you fix it right on the spot. So there's so much hidden that the cameras don't. Yeah, definitely.  I love the intricacies that you have that little things that little, move your arm just a little bit, or yeah, that footwork that just needs to be put just that.

 I love the little intricacies that you put in  all the boys that you are tra boys and girls that you've been training. So yeah. Appreciate it.  Wait  just going have a few questions for you.  Just go back.    What's been  your biggest wins for your business so far biggest wins.

It would definitely one of my top things that I've done is XRM hitting me up for actual workout. And when he was here in Sydney before he went back to America and I was in Melbourne playing for Melbourne United. Yeah. We were pretty much getting work minimum once a week. Sometimes he'll come three, four times a week.

So yeah, that was like one of my biggest wins to get an NBA/NBL pro yeah. Come and actually  get in some work.  Another win is definitely my social media just taken off Instagram being slow and Instagram. You guys need to    pick it up, man. Up. Yeah, no TikTok been crazy though. TikTok. I think my first video got me to close to a hundred thousand  followers already.

Wow. So yeah, TikTok.  That was a big win, like literally posted it, thinking nothing would happen the next morning woke up to  80 K followers and  OK. There's something there. There's something there. Yeah, no, definitely. Definitely definit.  Any, I know that you started your business pretty much during the pandemic.

So  what was the challenges that you had? Yeah, so there was a few challenges here and there, but luckily enough, it was around the summertime. So sun was out days were good. I could go to a court near my area or near someone else that was a half court or even a full. I would try and avoid half courts as much as possible.

So I would allow people to actually train on that ring. Yeah. So at least if I had a full court, there was at least one ring I could always work on. They could still  train and play around another ring.  Yeah, just being outdoor and actually during the pandemic is when I had a lot of my kids start pulling up to my workouts because before that it was majority of adults.

Yeah. Like people that just finished high school  they're in college and stuff or they're taking a gap. Or players that are older, who had a day off work and they're like, Hey, can I get some work in? But yeah, during that pandemic, when kids didn't have school, that's when it just started flowing in

disguise. Yeah. Was  I saw some of the videos that Jalen was posting or like forwarding re  Putting your videos of him up. I was like, wow. Yeah,  you guys started blowing up already by then, even though I think your INTA, how many followers do you have over there?  INTA right now is like 32,000, I think 32,000.

Yeah. I think the Instagram algorithms actually found me this time.   I got to  20 K randomly and then. Last week I gained like 10 K followers outta nowhere. So it's been pretty good. Yeah. I think  I think your reels are actually  are killing it. Absolutely killing. I appreciate it, man. Yeah, I think it's appreciate it.

Mark.  The reels are the ones like I do a bit of social media marketing works are reels are the ones that's actually blowing up.  And you right in the, of things  of  What you are doing. And I think it's just, once people start recognizing you a bit more and the algorithms are picking it up, I think  you'll be in hundred K no time, I think.

Yeah, no, hopefully. What was, what event in your life did you like think, or you decided that you're gonna be a basketball trainer? I know you're a big baller already.  Yeah. And   what was it. So it was actually one time. It didn't really seal the deal that I should be a trainer, but it was a  big    slap in the back of the head.

 Yo, you can do this. Like you're capable of this was this guy named Billy army. I used to train with him back in the days we'd put in work together. I would help him with this game help with this jump shot. He refused to shoot threes, like refuse. Didn't want to, this kid was big as well. Six, five strong athletic.

We just like, no I can't make it to the ring. Like I don't wanna shoot threes. So there was one workout we had where I just had him close his eyes, close your eyes. I put him to a spot, made him move. I stop open your eyes. Shoot the ball. Don't look down. Just shoot the ball. It was in the mid range, like one foot in from the three.

Yeah. Cash. All net. All right, close your eyes again. Move them around. Stayed mid range for  the first 10 shots. Open his eyes cash. All right. I'm gonna walk you around. I'm gonna spin you around. I'm gonna take you step back. I didn't tell him that he's behind the line. By the time he knows it, open his eyes.

Didn't look down, shot the ball cash. I'm like, bro, the line just in your head, like you gotta stop thinking about the line. It's just a line. Like you should be able to shoot from anyone on the court and know that the work you've been putting in is going to work nice. So yeah, that was like a big thing in my mind where I was like, OK, I've opened this guy's eyes.

He was shocked the fact that he was knocking down threes. Like it was nothing after that. So yeah, that was pretty big. Yeah. How is he going now? Is, was, is he still playing or yeah, he is playing NBL one for Mackay. So in Queensland, yeah, he just got back to Sydney. I think it was last week, but  yeah, the last two seasons, he won defensive player of the years, which is pretty good.

 I've meet some good defensive players  oh yeah. Yeah. I think it's a two way thing, right?  No, it has to be our coach  over here, Hornsby, just a local comps and yeah, I always preach that you gotta be working both sides of the floor rather than. Yeah one. Yeah. And I think  my philosophy is are basketball.

Coach is, are more of  if you're not making a difference in the other end, you gotta make a difference on the other. Yeah. Make a difference on both. Yeah, that's right. On the flip side, what events happened, where if you weren't so sure that this is gonna be for you though or have, has, have you had that.

That feeling where Lucki. Yeah, no, luckily enough. I haven't had any speed homes throughout this process. That's been like, Hey, like maybe you should stop. Maybe you should find a different path.  Everything's just been leading me in the right direction. And it's only that I've been doing the right thing.

Working my ass off to make sure I'm going in the right direction. My wife, Jess having my back, making sure I'm always just on the right path. She's at home taking care of  three year old and a one year old while I'm out training people. Yeah, man, everything's actually been really good.

Very good. Yeah. Far out let's  it's a lot of bullet dreams to be. Always be involved with basketball, I think you are, you're living that dream. Yeah, no, for real, I found a different way to stay with it. Yeah, that's right. That's right. What makes breakdown basketball stand out from your competitors out here?

And does he, especially here in Sydney, there's there? Yeah, there's a lot. There's a lot now, but the biggest thing that makes Bratton bus will stand up. You looking at. Is that, did you get that one? Did you get that one?  that one  yeah.  I love your vibe when you're training as well, 

it's  yeah, you have to, man, I'm gonna make sure people are coming in enjoying the work they're doing, working their house off. Seeing that they're improving from when they first came in to when they leave. But at the same time, having fun with it, like I'm a push you.  Hey, once you make that three in a row, I'm gonna go crazy.

I'm gonna lose it for you at the same time. Yeah. Yeah, no, I think like biggest things that make me stand out is what I do, how I approach the game, how I treat my clients, how no matter who walks in that gym, the second they have a workout with me is like, you're part of me now. Yeah. I'm always gonna remember you once you walk in.

Yeah. You know what I mean? So I'm gonna treat you that way. I'm not gonna treat you any different than how I treat a pro player. I'm not gonna treat you any different than how I treat a beginner. So I'm gonna treat everyone the same way. I may give you different drills, but end of the day you are, you're getting the full me.

Yeah. Awesome. Do you do any collaborations with any trainers or you do?  Yeah. In the April holidays we had Ryan Zuki. Yeah. We had him out here.  We had a sponsor actually sponsor his flights, accommodation and everything. We organized all the courts camps. We ran some in not central coast, ran some in Sydney.

Those went crazy. Yeah. Those went off. But. How'd you tie that up? It was just  me and him were talking back and forth actually, because he commented one of my videos randomly when I was teaching this kid, Kai, how to do it in and out. And I was using cones and I was directing him through it. And yeah, he just commented out from that comment.

I hit him up, was like, it's  normal conversation, how you going? If you need help with anything or if you can help me out with some things can we just go back and. Then yeah, he put up a story saying what city should I hit up next? And I replied saying, what do you mean city?

Why not country?  I was like, why don't you just come out to Australia with me? And he is Hey, let's make it happen. Tell me the best dates to be there. And I'll be there. Nice. Yeah. From then it just happen, man. Yeah. Yeah. Connections. Connections is another thing. That's what it leads to. Yeah.

Connections is big. If you can talk to people, you can gain people's trust, you can gain. Build rapport with people gain the correct connections and surround yourself with positive energy and people that are succeeding. Yeah. Like success is really the only way you can go. Yeah. hundred percent.

 What motivates you daily?

Oh, let show you real quick.  There's one picture right here. Can you see that? Oh, it's all blurry. Yeah. Is that your daughter? That's my daughter. Yeah. That's my daughter since three.  My little son's one. Nice. My wife. Yeah. My family's definitely my biggest motivation  just being able to leave home happy, come home happy because I just finish a job that I love doing.

Yeah. Then I get to stay happy for my family. I don't have to change my personality. Change nothing. Yeah. If I can do this for them and end of the day, look back and be like  I'm succeeding, doing what I love. I'm building them a future when they're older. Yeah. Like I can't ask for more motivation, to be honest.

Yeah. Nice. Yeah. It's always, you've gotta have that motivation to get, to drive you to better things  to business, to, to an, to a different level.  Yeah.  Do you have any influences that you growing up and  In basketball or even out of basketball  influences growing up. There was no trainers around my time.

So it was like that wasn't even a thing. I didn't even think about being a trainer growing up to be honest, but definitely basketball influences. My first that got me into basketball was TMAC nice. I was watching Trey, a Grady play and I was like, oh, this guy is smooth.  Everything he did was just like poetry, emotion.

Yeah.  Yeah. Second would be AI. Third is everyone's Michael Jordan and fourth is Kobe. So those were the, like my basketball guys that got me.  I wanna play this game. I need to become the best I can be at this game. But  second as cliche as it is my parents, like they, they moved us to Australia.

When I was two years old to give us a better life. They been working from Nepal. From Nepal. Yeah. So my mom's from the Philippines. Yeah. Dad's from Nepal.  They met in Thailand, which is weird. They both went to college in Thailand, so nice. It's a place to, but yeah. So you were born in Thailand, were you?

  No. I was born in Nepal. Yeah. Oh, nice. Yeah. So we moved here when I was two, so yeah, they've been big inspirations for me just to get out and do my own thing succeed on my own. They've always had my back though. Like no matter what I wanted to do, they've supported me through were thick and thin, so yeah.

Nice. Yeah. It's been pretty good. Yeah. It's good to have great parents, great role models growing up.  I think it, it just goes to show with your personality and the way you carry yourself.  It goes to show your actual business as well. Thanks man. Going for what big goals do you have for this forum breakdown basketball for the next three to 10 years?

Let's say so within the next three years or within the next year. Yeah, my aim is to have my own facility, which is in the works right now. That will be awesome. Yeah. Yeah.  Onto the next step of that. So it should be happening sooner than later. Whereabouts.  So we're looking. Banks town. I don't know if I'm allowed to say this.

My thises might kill me, but  yeah, no we're looking around bank San area right now. Nice. There's a lot of  yeah, good ballers are in there. So yeah, it's a  big basketball on community around the, I wish it's pretty central. Yeah, I wish you were around here up north as well. There's a lot of people love to have you around here  yeah, no, I can't please, everyone, man.

Hey  you build where you're at and then everyone will come to you. Yeah, that's it. That's it? Yeah. Got people driving six hours to come see me. It's not that hard to drive an hour. Come on.  it's true. Six hours.  That's total dedication.  They young those six hours, six people coming to you.

Yeah. They're like on the 14th, on the 16, under 18 rep players, for which teams are they playing for? So one of them was for, or there's  five from Coffs Harbor that have seen me  central coast. There's about five that come down as well. Newcastle. There's about five that come down. So yeah, like some of them either play for Newcastle.

Some of them play for central coast. Some of 'em play for coughs or some of their dreams are to play reps or they come to see me to try and get into a rep team. Yeah. It's I think it's.  You are, I think getting their dreams becoming true. I guess they're taking further. Are there a few of them now?

Have you got results where they  are actually playing reps out? That's yeah. So one of them is waiting for the rep trials to come up, but he tried for. D one or like a pre local com team. And he actually made the team nice. Which before he didn't think he would ever made it. Yeah. So that was good.  Josh Boyle is a big name who got a scholarship to Scott's college.

Nice. So he moved from cos Harbor and his boarding at Scott's and this was his first year.  He made the state country team, new south Wales country team as a bottom age, which is hard to make. So that was pretty big. Yeah, far out. It's just  yeah  you're making a lot of noise. There's  a lot of the young guys are coming learning from you and they're actually going, yeah.

You, you gotta start having your own AAU team touring over that's the plan. That's the plan. Once the facility is open, we're gonna start taking teams and tours. Yeah, I think  I think you, you are gonna get a good squad and go in there. Yeah. Yeah, but to continue your question in the next 10 years, fish, I wanna have traveled the world, helping people get better at basketball, run clinics around the world.

Hopefully have more than one facility by then as well. Nice.  Have trainers running breakdown under my brand and other places to help other people get better. Yeah. But yeah, like 10 years is a long time to make anything happen. Yeah. It's  it's the long term goals that, that you're looking at?

Yeah, no, definitely. Definitely.  How old are you now? If you don't mind me asking I'm 30, 30 dude. You're young. Yeah.

Getting tired. .    It's  yeah, definitely a long term goal for you. I think it's  I think it's achievable for the brand that you've, you are, you're taking breakdown basketball. Tell me about  the sponsorship deals that you have.  I know you got clothing, sponsorship and shoes, sponsorship.  Is that right?

Yeah. So yeah, so clothing and shoes.  The first one that. Was here was deuce. So that's their clothing brand American clothing brand. They're actually going to possibly, hopefully fingers crossed, hit stores in Australia and they're trying to  target foot locker and stuff. So hopefully that goes through nice.

But  yeah, in terms of  you want good clothes that feel nice, that look good. You can play school and literally anything they give you. I would honestly look no further besides breakdown basketball apparel and say, get some breakdown, basketball gear.

One of Gary, the him being talking back  and. One way we connected was through Ryan actually, because Ryan is sponsored by deuce as well. Yeah. So he was like commenting on our videos, commenting on our posts, commenting on my stories whenever he saw me and Ryan together. Yeah. That was pretty cool. And then, yeah, just made it happen from there.

It was easy, quick process. He was like, Hey, I wanna send you some stuff. If you like it  you can wrap it if you don't like it. That's cool. So yeah, he kinda, yeah, he  gave me freedom with it as well, which is amazing. Yeah. And  yeah, the shoe deal, which was crazy. I didn't think  this early on in signing my business and stuff, I'll sign a shoe deal, but yeah.

Yeah. This brand 360 1 degrees it's  Chinese brand, Hong Kong brand. Yeah. Asia based mainly Asia based actually have a big market in the Philippines as well. Yeah.  Which is one of the main reasons why they actually wanted to sign me under their brand was a lot of my. What would you call it?

Statistics? Yeah. Yeah. It's like Filipino based like a lot. We're starting to tap into more of the American Australian base now. Yeah, lots Philippines. We got a touring in Philippines, bro. We gotta I'm down. My brother's gonna be touring.  The assistant coach of. Of Lakers  his name Phil handy in Philippines, Phil handy.

Yeah.  Oh, for real, I'll hook you up with that one. So yeah. Oh no, that'd be crazy. Yeah it's awesome. It's like a  I know that I saw some of the trainers that are with  studios and I saw SOS are like, damn she deal at a really early stage. You. Yeah. It was very early.  Surprised me a lot, but yeah, the shoes are actually amazing.

Like I tried them at first.  The guy that gave 'em to me just said, Hey, if you don't like them, it's up to you. If you wanna sign or not, but just make sure that you actually like what you're going to sell and what you're going to promote for us. Yeah. And I was like, yeah, of course. If I don't like it stuff, I'm not gonna promote it.

Cause then I'm selling a bad product to my clients and everything else and whoever else is following me, but yeah. Tried them on first pair. Tried. Comfy super comfy cushion was crazy. Tracking was good. The look of the shoes were crazy as well. Like the color schemes. Just everything about it. So I'm very happy.

 Very happy with the shoe. Yeah  was in Bankstown. You want yours?  you want yours?  360 1 Yeah. And your code B down 30 to get 30% off done.  Done. I saw Julian and Jalen were at Bankstown playing on last Saturday and they know that you, you rep 360 1 and they were selling at the store over there in Bankstown.

It's  oh, that's what may ways. That's the Australian rep. He just opened up the store in Bankstown for three, six months. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. It's awesome. You are making a lot of noise and telling you the  young  players out here, you they're looking up to you and what you're doing for the game.

Yeah, no, I appreciate it. what advice would you give an aspiring. Business owner. Ooh, what advice? Number one would be, if you have an idea in your head and even 50% of your mind, body and soul thinks it can work, go and do it.  Don't hesitate. Just go and do it. Cause to be honest, you got nothing to lose.

It's either going to work where win-win situation. Hey, I decided my own business. I decided my own  entrepreneurship, but if it doesn't work, you're back to where you were anyway, thinking of new ideas. That's right. So it's like what do you have to lose? Awesome. Another thing I would say with that, that goes hand in hand.

It starts slow. Nice dive in, but start slow before I even. Announced a name for my brand announced the Instagram, anything. I made sure I built up my clientele. I made sure that I had people coming to me who trusted me, whether it was in a group setting or a 1 0 1 who was going to spread the word once I started up.

Yeah. Cause once you started business, like as much as social media might help, word of mouth is the biggest thing to get you going. And then once you're in do anything to stay in. Do anything and everything to stay in and stay on top of your game. Awesome. Great advice.  Do you, I know you, we talked about a book earlier on yeah.

Do you have talk about  movies, any movies that, that inspire  that. That you any movie that inspire me or I don't know if there's like any movies that inspire me, but definitely movies that I could watch or recommend on a daily basis is like literally anything Adam Sandler. Nice.  you throw me up?

Anything, Adam Sandler. I'm like, yeah. Okay. Done. I to go sleep added that on. I'll put the same movie on the whole week and just sleep. I'm like cool. All right. Background sound awesome. Awesome. I love these new movie as well.  The hustle, the one on Netflix. Yeah. Oh, the hustle. Yeah. Yeah. The great. Yeah.

So it's    I love his passion for the game as well. So yeah, actually speaking of that movie, that's what that's like to me,  set in stone, in my mind of how big basketball trainers actually getting. Yeah.  The fact that they had basketball trainers within the movies. Yeah. They had it for you.

That's being, they could have got, they could have got any random actors to just put into a worker workout, but no, they wanted to get like a Lancaster drew. Hanlin  yo like basketball trainers are getting big right now. Yeah. And you're at the forefront here. Here in Australia.   Keep doing the work.

You are gonna get rewarded. Yeah. If  our listeners want to hear from you, or have a question about basketball  or business. Yeah. How can they hit you up? See me on Instagram. That's the quickest way. You're gonna get a reply for me. I may not reply for a week or two weeks, but I will reply to you.

Nice. So what's your. What's your handle  breakdown_basketball. You see that break down. Straighten out my shirt. It's a bit wrinkle right now. Nice. There you go. Yeah. Love, love the branding, bro. Love the branding. Okay. Thank you very much again, NA for  for your time and   sharing your story and hope to  I'll let you know when the.

The show drops when the podcast drops and then  yeah. And thank you. Thank you, man. I appreciate you. Like for real color for having me on here. Yeah. I think  stay safe, right? Yeah. I think  your business or you as a trainer changing a lot of kids or all players lives out there, so keep doing what you're doing and  appreciate it.

Talk to you soon, bro. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. I'll catch you soon. Yeah. Okay. Take care, mom. All right. Take care, bro