Art in Mayfair
David Begbie
July 14, 2022
Art in Mayfair, Bond Street’s summer showcase of art and fashion in partnership with the Royal Academy of Arts, has launched an exciting new podcast series. Hosted by art critic, Maeve Doyle, this podcast delves inside the minds of artists and what inspires them. Tune in to find out how London’s art and fashion scenes are thriving together. Visit to learn more.
Another episode of Art in Mayfair hosted by art critic, Maeve Doyle.

Maeve says: "I started the episode by asking David “how he was” and the conversation flowed effortlessly from that point. The otherworldly artist and 1982 graduate of the Slade School of Art was present at and bore witness to 40 years on the London art scene.
Begbie’s cultural references draw from the past  - his heroes on Cork Street in its heyday, collaborating with fashion houses (Christian Dior) dance companies and tailors like Richard James.  This conversation whilst steeped  in nostalgia remained sharply focused on the future and everything new! 

Begbie’s steel mesh sculptures that form part of The Mayfair Sculpture Trail appear to defy gravity. Walking by them on several occasions since, I expected to see them floating ethereally above the streets surface."

An episode not to be missed!

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