Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI
Want to Learn My Video Marketing Secrets? Listen Up! with Summer Felix-Mulder
July 7, 2022
Summer Felix-Mulder is the Founder and CEO of The Draw Shop, an advertising agency that creates video content marketing. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, Summer built and sold several successful businesses and helped multiple clients leverage their marketing strategies. For more than a decade, she has been helping entrepreneurs to multiply their revenue and become industry leaders through the power of video. Summer decided to bring those same game-changing secrets to her new podcast, Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI. In the following episodes, Summer will share the strategies, tactics, and lessons proven with over 7,000 clients across dozens of industries, like Joe Polish, Amy Porterfield, Arianna Huffington, Todd Herman, and others.
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