Podcast Update
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Podcast Update
September 21, 2022
In this episode, Sheldon gives an update on the podcast release. He is looking for listener input on which day to release the podcast. You can contact Sheldon before 9/25/22 at sheldon@sheldonprimus.com
[00:00:06] spk_0: this episode is powered by safety FM. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I am your host show the Prime Minister. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. We talk about ocean compliance. We're talking about the nature of safety and health. We do a bunch of this podcast. I want to thank everyone for listening. If you haven't yet, I'm gonna invite you to please subscribe to the podcast. So whatever device you're on right now, just look at that button and hit the subscribe for me. I do not want you to do the super driving weight and definitely described when you're there when you're at your location. If you have not passed this on to a friend, please do this is going to really help our algorithms and it's going to make the show a pair to more people so they could get the information that they need. So if you can please not only subscribe, but then also tell a friend that would be awesome. I appreciate it quite a bit. And one last thing if you can then please go ahead and give me a comment on the show. So again, that is help me True. So I know that I'm reaching people and it's not actually just me sitting at my desk talking to the mic, but there's actually listeners out there. So I want you to please go ahead and do that. That's what I'll do is show me that Yes, you're there. It's also going to be a way for the algorithms to see that there's people looking at as a show of value and that's my goal, give you guys value and then that is it. That's it for all the requirements. No, that is just double s in today's show. I want to just kinda um just truly talk about an update with the podcast and I honestly have been trying to just struggle with the time. Initially when I started the podcast several years ago, it was going to be on monday. Show my schedule though has become so um just, it's becoming harder and harder for me to do shows on monday because it could be travel days for my wife and I through the weekend where I used to do the podcast production. So on monday I'm just like, oh God, hurry up, got to do a podcast. So what seems likely to me is I'm about to change my dates so forgive me for not being right on monday. Like I have been the last few years and about a month or so. I just, I have not had my schedule just be conducive to that and I know long term is I am going to end up having to change the date. I don't want to keep flipping dates on you. So um kind of thinking what conducive to my schedule right now I'm leaning to Wednesday because it seems like that is a good um mid point for me and downtime. So I could do something. So I'm kind of leaning to Wednesday time, I'm not too sure about time time is always gonna change right for me. Some people are like, this is my podcast time, this is my podcast date and they do it every week at that time and date time for me used to be at two a.m. On monday. Uh and that was Eastern time, so I might do something similar to that. So I just want to make sure that I run it by you guys, the listeners because it's not just me talking, I know that I know that it's your life and you're devoting some time for the information you're getting. So your input will help me quite a bit, the best way to sense of input on this is gonna be Sheldon at Sheldon Primus dot com. So Sheldon at Sheldon Primus dot com. So that's gonna be where uh you can email me, let me know exactly what date that you're you're looking at that date day of the week, That's what we're talking about, day of the week. So monday, I'm not gonna be doing monday. So it's just gonna be a little too hard to keep up with my original monday schedule. So I'm leaning towards Wednesday, but I'm open to seeing what, what do you guys feel what's the best day for you to consume a podcast and I want to be right on that day. So just fill me in. Sheldon at Sheldon, primers dot com And uh by the way, if you have not checked out Sheldon Primus dot com yet. Go ahead and do it. Uh You're gonna see uh a little bit about me, obviously you're gonna see what I have events. There's an event page, there's a podcast page. So you always have this podcast, the most recent episode is on there. You have a way to contact me. But again, I told you call me, excuse me, email me at Sheldon at Sheldon Primus dot com. Uh Services. I have a tab for that. I have a tab for my courses that I do. And if you are considering safety consulting, then you should go to safety consultant blueprint dot com. And that's the course on safety consulting. I also have domain names because you guys have been listening for a while. The domain names is one of the things that I love doing. And currently of my domain name, that I think it's gonna probably sell pretty quickly is going to be OSHA dot courses. So that's one of them out there. Uh safety contractors, contractors, another one. And fire environmental dot courses fall protection dot equipment. So those are some of the things that you're gonna see when you go to the website. Uh And the domains are one, that's all I got just one. So you're the only person that would get it if you purchase a domain uh and resource page and page review because of you stuff. So that's kind of the listing that I do have. Uh, not listening. Those are just the tabs that are on my uh, Sheldon primes dot com. So I don't want to go too far. I just want to at least let you guys know the purpose of this podcast is really quick. I honestly need to figure out what to do with the podcast time. Uh, not time time will be probably two. Am I like doing that really early? But more of the day. That's what I'm looking for the day. So if you gotta feel on what day, give me a call, Sheldon Sheldon promise dot com. And I'm gonna Time of this recording is nine, nine, So I'm looking for some responses before it's Sunday. Listen to this at the time. Don't you get a chance to give me your preference? That's okay. You're listening to an update. So sunday is going to be Again. This is 2020. They should take it two. And on Sunday it looks like it is the 25th Since Sunday, September 25, 2022. If you're listening to this podcast between September 21 and September then you have an opportunity to tell me what day you would like to see this podcast posted. I'm not looking for that day. All right, towards Wednesday, but I don't want to leave the witness, but thank you so much for listening to the podcast. I know I want to get a better time frame for you so you can know what time to catch up with me. So I'm really loving this and I thank you so much for being part of the show. Go get him. 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