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{ep. 66} Sage advice from and tribute to author Shelly Longenecker
June 22, 2022
Shelly Longenecker authored the book Dinner for a Dollar and launched her business by the same name. In this interview with Alexa Bigwarfe, she discussed how she set to grow her business after her cancer diagnosis, and all of the many things she learned about focusing in on her target audience, growing her email list, and becoming the expert in her field to help her market her book and business.
Shelly Longenecker was a wife, mother of four, an author, and her book Dinner for a Dollar - launched her business of the same name. It was Shelly's goal to teach people that it is possible to eat a clean, wholesome diet, even with a large family, for about $1 per serving.
Shelly was absolutely motivated to revolutionize the way we look at clean eating, and help families create simple, inexpensive, and delicious meals. She had plans to write other books and create more programs, but was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and lost her battle when it came back and spread aggressively the 3rd time.

Shelly had a brilliant mind for business and this interview shares some excellent tips on book marketing, audience growth, and how to grow your business with a book.

She will be greatly missed. She was a close friend, a business colleague, and just so much fun. Learn from her amazing story!

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