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Why Conventional Medicine Isn’t Working for You with Dr. Martin Furlong
February 13, 2022
Meet Dr. Martin Furlong, owner and clinic director of MetroEast Natural Healing Center who shares a highly effective method to finding the underlying causes of your chronic conditions, dysfunction, or disease, and find out how to solve them WITHOUT drugs, prescriptions, or surgery. Topics include nutrition response testing, unique specific chiropractic, health coaching, and the negative effects of inflammation in the body. Dr. Furlong also invites you to attend his informational webinar entitled, “Why Conventional Medicine Isn’t Working for You,” which you can register for by visiting To learn more and to make an appointment, visit

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Good morning, and welcome to Green Tea Conversations, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring you the experts who share their progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. 
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I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, publisher of the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and I am honored to bring these experts to you. Today on the show, we welcome Dr. Martin Furlong, owner and clinic director of MetroEast Natural Healing Center in Oakdale. 
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Good morning, Candi. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here. 
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Well, we are very happy to have you in the studio today. So we always like to start off our show by any interview that we have, especially with somebody new. So you've never been on the show yet, but to ask you to please give us a little bit of information about who you are and kind of what brought you to what you're doing today. 
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Candi, thanks for having me. I'm very fortunate. I grew up in natural health care. My father was a chiropractor himself. My six siblings all grew up in natural health care. My personal body has never had drugs or surgery ever. And as I enter my 6th decade, I don't know why I'd go that direction. Okay. Things are still going great. Not by chance, very much by design. So a little background. I'm a holistic practitioner. And what I mean by that is that we look at the body as a whole working unit when we work with someone. More than that, I also have a doctorate, natural health care, specifically chiropractic. So I have a doctorate. And so with that, during my first couple of years of practice, I found a great passion. Candi took a sports specialty and have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, Olympic athletes, College athletes, tons of high school athletes, amateur athletes. And so I had this great specialty. And so we had a tremendous clinic based on this muscular skeletal model, meaning bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves. And we had great success. But Candi, one of the things I love doing is I play a hockey and I broke my wrists at different times. 
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Both wrists. Yeah. So a chiropractor's broken wrist is not a good combination. Candi had all this great sports specialty training. So I just managed my chronic tendonitis and carpal tunnel in both arms for 15 years with all the expertise I had. And it was at that point I decided there has to be something more because my body has to heal. So that's why we brought a different specialty into the clinic. Candi, for the last 15 years, I've been symptom free. My body healed itself up completely, all because we found a new technique that is incredible what it does for bodies. 
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And so you're going to help us understand what that technique is today? 
[00:02:52.810] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Absolutely. That's my goal, that these bodies are healing machines we have to learn how to manage them differently. 
[00:02:58.070] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Yes. Well, tell us a bit about what MetroEast Natural Healing Center is. 
[00:03:03.350] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay, so MetroEast Natural Healing Center has evolved over 35 years. That's how long I've been in practice. And we've helped thousands of people restore their health again where they've failed with other attempts. And so it's been very exciting, very rewarding for us. So we offer chiropractic, but what we describe it as is unique, specific chiropractic. So we have a very unique way we deliver the care. And I was fortunate. I had a great model demonstrated to me growing up. My father's incredible chiropractor, his adjusting techniques were phenomenal. So I was able to utilize that knowledge and that skill set and understand what it felt like and using more, if you want to think of it, more modern muscle testing techniques that really direct the patient to a very specific treatment model. Just for example, I just had a patient in complaining of knee pain, sharp knee pain. And when we use our muscle testing, we found out that his big toe is what needed the adjustment. And literally from the moment I adjusted big toe, had him walk around the clinic, come back to treatment room. He said, I have no more knee pain. So with our unique specific chiropractic, we'll get to find out the very specific area that the body needs help with. 
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And so that's one of the things we offer. Another thing we offer is called health coaching. A whole Department in that. And we know that patients will not change their health unless they start changing their life or their habits. And it can be subtle changes, it can be massive changes, but they have to be aware of it. They have to know how to implement it. And the health coaching Department offers not just knowledge, but how to apply it specifically to them. And there is some accountability that happens. Okay. It tends to initiate the changes. Candi, there's no right or wrong. The level of change person makes little change, big change. But the health coaching Department is very specifically designed to guide people along that path. Here's the neat thing about this one, Candi. So, my wife, Jackie is an organic chemist by trade, had worked with 3M and Johnson & Johnson, and she has patents. So, she's quite accomplished what she's done. But one of the things she did that was just amazing to me was as we raised our three children, I would come home, and she would be making dinner and telling me all the chemistry of what was happening in the kitchen. 
[00:05:24.760] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay. Candi said, this is incredible information. You have to share this. And she said her statement was, everyone knows this. I said, no, they don't. This is incredible stuff. So what we Candi do is she developed a health coaching Department that will share this information. What it is, it's knowledge. People will easily start implementing changes in their life when they understand why it benefits them. And they come to that conclusion, how to apply it. This health coaching Department was actually so valued, a national group bought it and sells it nationally. It was developed in our clinic, and they sell this nationally now to clinics and practitioners across the nation now. So we have Chiropractic Health Coaching Department. And then about maybe 15 to 20 years ago, I took a whole different discipline approach to how we're going to manage bodies. This is the one that changed my health called nutrition response testing. And this is a very unique way to muscle test the body to find out what's interfering with it, what the source, the cause of the interference of the body, and specifically what nutrient could be used to help eliminate it or clean it up, if you want to think that way. 
[00:06:35.540] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
So once you apply these, you get a very structured, very specific nutrition support program to that body. And the neat thing about it, it tells us exactly what you need, the exact dose, Candi, when you're done with it. That's the best thing about it. There's no guessing. It's not like you read online that this product would be good for everybody on planet Earth. This is specific to your body. So we implement the health coaching, Candi, nutrition response testing, Candi, the chiropractic, it changes bodies unbelievably. 
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And we're going to get into all of those much more deeply here in just a bit. But one of the things that I want to let people know about is you have a free Webinar masterclass coming up called Why Conventional Medicine Isn't Working for You. And this is going to be on February 17 at 07:00 p.m.. And we're going to let people know how they can sign up for this as well. It's absolutely free. It's an hour long. And why don't you share with us a little bit about kind of what you're going to go through during the master class so people know what to expect. 
[00:07:39.090] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yeah. So the master class, my position is that not enough people know how to manage your body correctly. You buy a car and they give you a car manual. Right. How to check the oil and check the pressure on the tires and how to keep a car running great for a long time. But we don't have that with our bodies. And that's really what people need to start understanding again that these bodies are very durable. They heal incredibly. And the LGI use is you're not having headaches because you have a Tylenol deficiency. That's not the answer. There's something interfering with you instead. And so that's what we need to get to Candi. That's what we talk about, the three most common stressors that occur to a body. And we'll discuss in detail some natural, nondrug, nonsurgical ways to restore the body back to full health. So we get to get in more detail during the master class. 
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That is going to be fantastic. Well, let's talk about what are some of the things kind of more of the common things that people tend to come to you for? 
[00:08:37.720] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Well, I'm going to give a generalized statement on that. One is that the most common patient that comes to our clinic has tried multiple attempts at different doctors, different drugs. And a couple of things that happened is they're not getting the results they want. That's the most common reason they come to us or they don't like the side effects that they're experiencing. And so that's why they went in our clinic. But the more common things would be like headaches are really common out there in the world. And it's interesting, when you talk to people with headaches, they might describe their headache as their normal headache, which always blows me away. So what you're telling me is when you don't have a headache, that's abnormal, is that what you're telling me? And they're saying, yeah, absolutely. But that can range from tension headaches, to migraines. Another one would be fatigue or tiredness, which is really not normal. I've had 20-year-olds come into my office and tell me they're getting older now. So that's why they're tired. It's like, no, anyone that's older than 20, I share that with them. They have to laugh just like you just did. 
[00:09:34.510] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay. Candi think I share a short story on that one. So one of the patients I tell her she's one of my idols. She's 85 years old at the time. She took a bus down to Mexico United States border to protest at 85. And she uses this exclusively, this type of care exclusively for her health. I tell her she's one of my idols. Her drive and passion is something I really aspire to. She calls it a curse. But to have that energy at all ages is normal. And that's what we try to have patients understand. So we have headaches, we have energy, we have poor sleep quality, which is actually really common. And digestive function is a massive issue out there. When you really start starting the digestive system, you realize that 80% of your immune system is in your digestive tract. And when that gets messed up, your immune system starts suffering. 80% of your brain chemistry is made in the digestive tract. The Eastern cultures describe the digestive system as the second brain. And we know that with people with a lot of emotional issues, anxiety, depression, things like that, that nine out of ten easily have a whole digestive system messed up. 
[00:10:45.190] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
And once we get that corrected, the brain can start to stabilize with its neurochemistry itself and it changes their health. So we see things like headaches, the fatigue, the sleep, the digestive issues, and then that corresponds right into brain stress or things. My role is not to take patients off medications. I never do that. I am not trained in drugs. I'm not training surgeries, and I'm not going to put people on drugs. Or if a patient wants to make a change, they need to talk to their prescribing practitioner because I will not do that for them. It's not nothing I have interest in, but lots and lots of different health issues. So they're just some of them. 
[00:11:23.720] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So when we come back. 
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We're going to talk more about your nutrition response testing and really get a good idea of what that does for the body. So for people who want to learn more about the MetroEast Natural Healing Center and to make an appointment, visit again, that's Or you can call 651-771-1703. To read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. 
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. 
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I'm your host, Candi Brothel. 
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And today we're talking with Dr. Martin Furlong, owner and clinical director of MetroEast Natural Healing Center in Oakdale. So just before the break, you were starting to share with us a little bit about your background and what MetroEast Healing Center is. And then you are also sharing with us. You kind of mentioned about nutrition response testing. So I'd like you to give us a better understanding of what nutrition response testing is. What does it look like? What do you do with it? 
[00:12:57.410] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Absolutely. Candi. So just a background is that there's a larger category called muscle testing. The technical term is called applied kinesiology. And within that is a bunch of different disciplines. Okay. And so think of like, if I said the word car, but then I can say Ford, Chevy, Buick, there are different types of cars, and that's how muscle testing works. And so one of the disciplines I've trained in, five different ones, I settled on this one called nutrition response testing, as it was so absolutely complete. And the results I get with patients are incredible. So they're really very unique muscle testing and the information we draw from the muscle testing. So just a little bit about muscle testing, is it okay if I talk about that a little bit? 
[00:13:47.580] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay. So muscle testing is you want to think of it as a biofeedback mechanism for your body. Okay. And there's an analogy that I've heard explain. I thought February in Minnesota, maybe this is a good analogy. It's about freezing to death. Okay. And so bodies are really smart. If I'm outside, I'm going to freeze to death. My body will take the energy out of my hands and feet, arms and legs, and shift that to my internal organs are essential for life for me. And so muscle testing is very much like that, that the patient will extend an arm straight out in front of them. The practitioner will contact an arm and gently push, and the arm stays in place, or it's called locked muscle. And that's an indication that the energy is staying within that arm. The second thing the practitioner will do is put their hand on an organ and create a little bit of pressure over that organ area. Technically, it's called ischemic pressure. Basically, you're squeezing a little bit of blood out of that area, just real gentle pressure, and that can create stress to that organ. And if the organ is functioning well without any stress on it, the energy will stay in the arm and the arm will stay locked. 
[00:15:05.390] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
If the organ feels stress, the energy will transfer out of the arm and go to the organ to support it to keep you alive in that way, and the arm will lose its lock. Okay. The arm will go down. And so that's a muscle testing model right there. Now, nutrition response testing is all the procedures, how you use this muscle testing and how to assess a body. So it's very regulated or not regulated, very regimented on how it's done. There's a very specific flow pattern to it. And the reason that is because there's really key things that need to be checked as you work with a patient. There's two concepts. One is called neurogenic blocking and neurogenic switching. And the reason I use those words when I say the word blocking or switch, a lot of people think block, like I have a block artery. That's a physical blockage. It's not within your nervous system. The body can't respond to whatever treatment you want to attempt to do. It could be drugs, surgery, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, massage. You get benefit to a point, and then the body gets stuck. That's a blocked body. To find out if you have that and why you're not getting better is the most important step we can do within our care with patients. 
[00:16:28.850] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Another one is called switching, where the body goes into a kind of a state of confusion. It jumps from one state of fight or flight into a state of rest and healing. And it might be inappropriate in the middle of the night when you should be resting, healing, it might go into fight or flight. And all sudden bodies in a total opposite city should be in. It's called switching. This will make healing very difficult for patients. They'll bounce back and forth, they'll see up and down on symptoms. And so to find a blocking or switching source is a game changer for many of these cases. Right away, Candi, we do that through nutrition response testing. 
[00:17:07.270] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So it tells us whether or not there is a blocking or a switching happening. What other kinds of things can you learn about it? About your body through this? 
[00:17:17.150] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Sure. And so the body is so interesting, too. Again, as a holistic physician, what that means is that we look at the body as one big working unit. And so one organ system, when under stress, will then delegate its duties to a different organ system and overload it. So just for example, a great example is the first referral I'd ever got in my clinic. I start up nutrition response testing was for someone that had skin around their eyes that were just red and inflamed and crusty. It looked like alligator skin. I'm not exaggerating. This referral is through a dermatology clinic. And I thought, okay, that's really interesting. But what we found out was the person's adrenal glands had tremendous stress on them. And the way the body demonstrated this was the skin around the eyes became very inflamed and red and didn't respond. And so through nutrition response testing, we had to undo their switching under their blocking and then assist the adrenal glands to restore their health in the right order. You have to do these and the patient's eyes totally resolved. And so that was very exciting, but it all had to do with getting the right order and following the body's path. 
[00:18:35.610] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Not so much my path or the patient's path, but the body's path. That was really interesting. Very important pieces. 
[00:18:42.710] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So with something like that, I have a couple of questions about this. So first one is if it's adrenal stress, is that kind of a normal thing to have happen, that you have the redness around the eyes, or is it different for each person kind of presents itself differently? 
[00:18:57.650] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
That's a great question, Candi, that each person will have their own unique circumstance. And so if a patient has adrenal stress, some people just don't sleep at night. They go to bed, they fall asleep, and they wake up and they're never sleeping. Another person gets tremendous fatigue. It might hit them in the morning, it might hit in the afternoon, maybe early evening. But they just don't. They just like, caffeine doesn't lift me, exercise doesn't lift. I'm just really tired. Then the real crazy one is some people are so tired and wiped out and they don't sleep Candi. So everyone's very unique how that responds. The adrenal glands be so tied to other hormonal organs, the heart pituitary, Candi, thyroid. Trying to find the right path of why that organ is doing that is the key to this. That's what nutrition response testing does. It helps us understand the path. 
[00:19:48.250] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So for this person that you were helping, how long did it take for them to get relief from this? 
[00:19:54.410] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay, that's a tough question, Kenny. I'm trying to recall on that 120 years ago. I just wanted to think of I'm going to say three to six months of getting an organ to finally get stress off it enough that it can heal and then actually the body can start benefiting. So the keys are kind of the classic healthcare management model that's out there is here's a symptom. Let's find a way to hide it. And our role is let's find the organ under stress that's causing it and find the underlying cause. Candi. Remove the cause and let the body do its own heal. Yeah, that's the path that goes on. 
[00:20:29.410] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
That's beautiful. So for people who want to learn more about MetroEast Natural Healing Center and to make an appointment, visit or call 651-771-1703. To read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit NaturalTwinCitiescom. You can find a podcast of this show on on Apple and Google podcasts. And anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. 
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I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. 
[00:21:27.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
And today we're talking with Dr. Martin Furlong, owner and clinic director of MetroEast Natural Healing Center in Oakdale. So I want to remind people that you have a free Webinar master class coming up. So this is completely online. It's free. People can register for this called Why Conventional Medicine Isn't Working for you. And this is going to be on February 17 at 07:00 P.m.. So once again, why don't you explain to us what are some of the things you're going to go over in the master class? 
[00:22:03.090] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Absolutely. Candi. So the master class, what I like to discuss is there's three most common causes why a body won't heal. And we're also going to discuss in more detail about natural approaches to how you restore body back to health without drugs and surgery. Candi. So we'd like to get patients to understand there are different ways to manage your body and health. They're just not stuck with the health problems. They're missing the source of the problem. That's what it's really about. 
[00:22:33.390] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
And a lot of the work that you do in the clinic is I mean, the majority of what you do in the clinic is really taking a look at finding that underlying cause and then how you can support natural healing. And you do that with nutrition as well, correct? 
[00:22:50.850] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Correct. When a patient when a body starts collecting unwanted things, think about that. So it could be a chemical or heavy metal or even a food source. So the body starts collecting these things and it starts creating an inflammatory reaction, which is very normal in the body. And you might hear about this as Anita Henry Gastritis Myocarditis. Okay, these are altitudes which is they're just literally naming a body part and putting it in at the end of it. And what's missing is why is there inflammation? And that's really what we address with what we do. 
[00:23:33.750] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Well, and you and I have talked about this briefly before, but one of the things I have just recently, starting September, actually quit eating, took sugar completely out of my diet. So any kind of sugars. Well, any kind of sugars. So it was sugar, Maple syrup, honey, stevia, any artificial sweeteners, anything at all. Candi also took out any kind of flowers. So any almond flowers or whole wheat flowers, any kind of flowers out of my diet. And prior to doing that, I did that because I've always struggled with weight. And it was a book that I had read and thought this sounds like it could work for me. But prior to doing that, I'm 53 years old. So I was starting to have the aches and pains. I was having a lot of knee pain and hip pain. Candi just pains in different parts of my body, lower back. And I could not believe the difference this made. In just two weeks, in two weeks time, I probably got rid of it. At least 85% of my pain. 
[00:24:44.550] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
There's so much okay, so when I started this practice, I was younger than every patient that ever walked in the door. They wouldn't believe me when I told them, you don't have to suffer like that now that I'm older than most of all of our patients, not all of them, but a lot of them. When I explained to them that they can be pain free, symptom free, they tend to take it more in stride. They think, okay, maybe he knows what he's talking about this time. But what you found was that you found the cause of your itis okay. Everything United States is that middle aged women, their death rates are starting to go way up, and it's mostly due to drug overdose. Okay. And this is prescribed legal drugs. And what they're doing is they're looking for ways to handle their chronic pain. And so they're using medication as a solution, and they're finding that they can't get a handle on their pain. The reality, like you found out, was if I could find the cause of it and remove that source, my body inflammation will go down and I could feel great again. And so the longer that a patient gets to that state, the low inflammation, the more healing that can take place. 
[00:25:58.440] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
They can actually start healing damaged organs, start healing damaged joints. Everyone's different on their source of healing and the speed of healing. But at least I can tell you this much. If you're in a state of chronic inflammation, you not only don't heal, but you actually accelerate your damage. And so by taking out the inflammation, if it's in your brain, if it's in your heart, it's in your joint, you'll actually have a chance for that organ to quit becoming more damaged but actually start healing again. So nice job on your part getting that sugar finding and that grain finding. 
[00:26:31.670] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Well, and it is remarkable what has happened in such a short amount of time. I mean, now I have no pain. I have no pain in my knees or in my ankles or anything that I had before. Candi, honestly, people will say, well, yes, you've lost weight. I didn't lose weight in two weeks to make that kind of a difference. And it's continued to go on. But you find other things, too, that are changing in your body. Like tartar on my teeth is virtually gone. I don't have anything. I don't have any pain in my mouth where I was having a lot of pain in my gums. And I've had a couple of root canals, and my mouth just didn't feel like it was healing completely. All of that is gone. And it's been just a few months. 
[00:27:20.850] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yeah, that's very exciting. So the work that we do in our clinic is based on the works of dentists. Actually, it's really exciting in the dental world. It's very well known that if you want to have dental problems, you put a lot of sugar in your mouth. Right. And it creates bacterial growth which give you gingivitis or basically inflamed gums, or it'll start breaking down your teeth and cavities develop. And so a simple solution to that is not to have a sugar hating your teeth all the time. So the same model actually applies throughout the body. And so sugar is one of the one of the things that we see. I don't know of any drug that will undo sugar. So good for you for finding that. 
[00:28:06.510] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So tell us a bit about I know that you've worked with so many different people, and I'm sure you have many stories you can tell us about the difference that this has made in people's lives as well. So people don't have to hear just from me. 
[00:28:20.370] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
I know. Well, one of my favorite stories like to share. And this individual is very, very Meek and mild individual, just one of the nicest people ever meet. Cindy came to our clinic and just little history. Ten years before she came to our clinic, she had been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer and had a mastectomy and radiation and chemotherapy. Now fast forward ten years, Cindy finds herself sitting in her doctor's office at the Mayo Clinic, and they tell her, Cindy, you have stage four pancreatic cancer. Candi, you have three months to live. And she says, what should I do about that? And he said, well, you should start chemotherapy today. And Candi had been through this once, and she's such a cool cucumber. She said, you know, I've done that once. I don't want to do that again. And she goes, if I did it, what's my success ratio? What do you expect? Candi go, well, you might have 2% success with that and live longer than three months. And she just literally got up and walked out of their office, and she walked into our office. So it's like, oh, my goodness. Okay. First thing I want to do is make sure people understand that we don't treat cancer. 
[00:29:31.140] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
We create healing machines. That's our purpose. Okay. A specific diagnosis is just the body telling you there's something not right. And our job is to find out what's not right. So once we examine Cindy, it told us just a whole array of things. Her spine was all out of alignment and the poor nervous system was under tremendous stress because of poor alignment. She had chiropractic care. Candi was feeding her body for really damaging effects. I mean, that's how she fed her body. You talked about sugar earlier, right? Her whole dietary habits were just to create huge health problems. So she worked with our health coaches, learn how to feed her body for health again and actually apply it specifically to her case. So that was great. And then more than that, her body had collected tons of toxicity and inflammation to her whole body. We used the nutrition response testing as a way to identify the organs under stress. What was the cause of the stress, like what was in there that was causing all the stress on her body, the exact nutrients used to eliminate that. Candi stayed with this program. Candi, after about six months, she asked me, doctor, what about my cancer? 
[00:30:39.590] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
And remember, she had three months to live, by the way. Okay. After six months, she said, what's going on with my cancer? Candi pretty much told her, Cindy, I don't treat cancer. But if you want to know about your cancer, go to your cancer doctor, which she did. And she went to the Mayo Clinic and they pretty much checked her top to bottom. Candi said, there is nothing here to treat anymore. They couldn't understand it. If I had Cindy's diagnosis, I'm going to do exactly as she did for sure. And then I thought, why am I going to wait for that diagnosis? Why don't I just do that today and become a healing machine now? And so that's my personal health philosophy, by the way. But that's what we offer our patients. Let's turn you into healing machines. These bodies are meant to heal themselves up. You just have to find what's interfering with it. It's not a drug deficiency. So in other words, bodies will heal themselves once you find out what's interfering. 
[00:31:32.230] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Yes. And there's so many different things that can cause inflammation. And sure, everybody is different. And I've been nutrition tested before and found that peanuts were not a problem and other things were not a problem where they are for other people. So you have to really understand what is it that's causing the inflammation in your body. 
[00:31:53.230] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yeah. Everybody is so unique. I mean, that's the challenge of health care is that if you get online and you read this product is great for everyone on planet Earth. The reality I have is it's probably a good product, but does that mean it's right for me? And through the work that we do, it's called energetic medicine that's if you're going to get into a title of it. We want to know energetically. Will that product support your cellular structures and their energetic pattern? And that's really what muscle testing is all about. And so there's no guessing. It's very specific to your body. Just for example, Candi in our clinic will carry six different fish oils for a reason. That fish oils are great for your brain health. Candi joint health. They're antiinflammatory. They're wonderful to have. And the ones that we carry are sourced from really clean source. They don't have Mercury in them. They're really good. But not everyone tests for the same one. So that's why we have to find out which one will work for that individual, the exact dose. And then the reality is maybe down the road the body will say, I've had enough of that. 
[00:33:02.390] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
It's time to try a different one, Candi. So bodies are really unique that way. And our goal long term is to have a patient not using nutrition supplements for their health. Their lifestyle is going to drive the whole thing. We're just using nutrition to feed their healing so they can get to a stable state. That's the model we use. The bodies are in control. We just have to put interfering with them. 
[00:33:30.620] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So when we come back. 
[00:33:31.670] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
We're going to talk about some of the different programs that you have at the clinic and some of the classes that you offer, too, that people can take part in. For people who want to learn more about MetroEast Natural Healing Center and to make an appointment, visit again that's Or you can call 651-771-1703 to read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit You can find a podcast of this show on on Apple and Google podcasts. And anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. 
[00:34:39.970] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. 
[00:34:41.520] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
And today we're talking with Dr. Martin Furlong, owner and clinic director of MetroEast Natural Healing Center in Oakdale. So just before the break, you were telling us more about the nutrition response testing and what it's telling you. We were talking about inflammation. I wanted to remind people that you have a free Webinar master class called Why Conventional Medicine Isn't Working for you, which is on February 17 at 07:00 P.M. And in order for people to register for that, they can go to And so again, that's, and then they can register directly for that. It's an online class, so you can attend it from your home. Very easy to get into. Once again, just briefly, what are people going to learn in your master class? 
[00:35:39.150] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yeah, the master class. The whole goal is that patients come through some realizations that bodies heal themselves, that to find the three most common causes why bodies won't heal, what's interfering with you? And we're going to discuss natural solutions, how to start healing a body without drugs or surgery, actually not just symptom suppression. We're talking about we're talking about healing, restoration of their health. 
[00:36:06.150] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
When people come to this, is there going to be time for them to ask specific questions if they wish? 
[00:36:11.990] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Absolutely. So during the master class, there is a chat bar on the webinar. Okay. And we would like to address every question that comes up. If we have time during the workshop, we'll definitely discuss them or the webinar. We'll talk about them right away. If not, we'll make sure we respond to every question there is out there and probably most like an email response. And if we need to go back and forth to get a question answered, that'd be great. 
[00:36:39.700] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Okay. So I highly recommend that for people who are maybe struggling a little bit with their health, or they just want to make sure that they're maintaining their good health for as long as they can, that this will be a great master class to attend. Again, it's February 17 at 07:00 p.m. And you can register at So one of the things after people learn about what is keeping them from healing or what is keeping them in a 6th stage, you have a program called the Total Health Restoration Program. 
[00:37:15.150] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Absolutely. So we thought about what are we doing in the clinic? We have tremendous clinicians in there Besides myself, just exceptional health coaches and support staff. And we really talked about it and was total health restoration is really why people come to our clinic. And that's the way we assess the body. And the goal, again, is not symptom suppression. It's actually finding what's interfering with your body. Find out how to remove that in a very healthy, safe manner, feed the body what it needs, and the body will actually do its total health restoration. Just finding what's interfering is the key, Candi. 
[00:37:51.920] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
So you help them go through that. And part of the program, what do they get if they enter into that program? 
[00:37:58.530] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Okay. So we'll do some very specific first thing we like to start with. Every patient is a thorough history that most all of us is that our life history is a key component. A lot of patients come in and they're very dizzy and their heads unstable feeling, and they're woozy feeling. Find out that in youth, they probably went through 30 courses of antibiotics because they had chronic ear infections. So we're dealing with two things now. We're dealing with all the side effects of antibiotics that destroyed what's called the natural microbiome of the whole body. So we have to get the body back to a stable state. But they actually have an underlying cause of why they have these reoccurring infections to start with. And so restoring bodies have treatment models. Sometimes that's part of it and then find underlying causes of what was there, like their underlying health issue. And the truth is, if I go a little deeper is that a lot of times I'm not as worried about what kind of bug is their present as why did your body allow it to grow up there? What we mean by that is it's kind of like if I had ants in my kitchen, I could run around, snap on an ants and out loud, it might be kind of fun. 
[00:39:11.580] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
But as long as there's a big hole in the side of the house and there's food everywhere in the kitchen, I don't have much success with that. If I patch the hole in the house, I clamp the food. I've now changed the environment and the ants won't want to be there anymore. And that's kind of how we look at bodies, that there's a reason your body allowed these bad things to grow there. And we need to find out the underlying cost. That's really the purpose of our whole program. 
[00:39:37.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Very good. Well, you also have some other classes that people can attend. You offer a lot of free education to people, and you do this within the clinic. So if people go to your website, which is, again,, and click on events, you can find the different events that are happening. But some of the classes that you offer, one is called how to Accelerate Your Healing. 
[00:40:01.300] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yes. And so this one is actually kind of our introduction into our clinic because a patient needs to take control of their own health. And there's some really basic steps that we outlined. There are three very basic steps that once they apply that, that their health will start changing. And so that's what the workshops about, their free workshops, they're free to all our patients are welcome to bring guests. Even people that are exploring natural health care are welcome to come to it, too. Just describe perfectly in title how to Accelerate Your Healing. And that's what it's all they do. We take it a step further, Candi, is that for a little bit more advanced patient that wants to learn a little bit more Candi, take more control. We have a workshop called Can I muscle test my family at home. We actually demonstrate a really simple technique that can be used at home, that patients can start making healthier choices once they learn how to muscle test. And it's very basic, basic testing, but it does give them a tool to start taking control of their health well. 
[00:41:02.200] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
And they can use it with their families, which is awesome. 
[00:41:04.970] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
With their families. Yeah. That's the neat thing about this. 
[00:41:07.940] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Now you also have some classes on keto. So eating keto. 
[00:41:12.310] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yes. So one of our practitioners, Chelsea, is an absolute black belt in keto. She really prides herself in her study. Of keto. Now when we talk about keto, it stands for ketosis. Ketosis isn't something you take. It's an actual state of your cells. Your body produce energy. Ketogenic state is a really, really healthy state. There's some misunderstanding that ketosis is very damaging to the body. If you get really deep into ketosis it can be very damaging. If you have a light ketosis it's high energy producing brain clarity. These workshops are phenomenal. Chelsea offers one of them. She offers keto specific to women's hormones. So not only just how to plant your life but then how to apply to specific conditions like women's hormones. Chelsea is a black beltist. 
[00:42:05.350] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Dr. Furlong, thank you so much for being with us today. We are at the end of our show so we're going to have to let you go but we really appreciate you taking the time to come in and share with us what you're doing and inviting us to your master class. 
[00:42:20.110] - Dr. Martin Furlong, Guest 
Yeah, thank you, Candi I love your publication. The natural awakenings is one of my favorite publications and we are very honored to be part of it. 
[00:42:30.190] - Candi Broeffle, Host 
Well, thank you so much. We sure appreciate that. So for people who want to learn more about the MetroEast Natural Healing Center and to make an appointment, visit or you can call 651-771-1703. Thank you for joining us in the conversation as we awaken to natural health you've been listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota and I am wishing you a lovely day.