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Amy Schmidt thinks its better to be real
February 25, 2022
Amy Schmidt lost herself in her 40s – as so many of us do – and if she can find her confidence again, you can too.
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Themes: second acts, menopause, anxiety, panic attacks, coaching, daring greatly

Summary: Amy Schmidt is all the things a woman can be at this time of our lives and more. She has been inspiring women through more than 100 episodes of her Fearlessly Facing Fifty podcast. Her journals turned into a book, Cannonball: Fearlessly Facing Midlife and Beyond, a Ted Talk, major television appearances and a big new project. But it wasn’t always this way. Amy lost herself in her 40s – as so many of us do – and she describes how she found her confidence again, and you can too. 


• Why you need to pretend you are 10 again (3.30)
• How to forget about that 10 (or 20…) pounds (5.15)
• Figuring out who you are and what you should do – again (11.45)
• Clawing out of being overwhelmed by life (13.15)
• Being real – and flawed – isn't weakness (18.20)
• Coping with ever-present grief (21.00)
• Coping with the perimenopause transition (31.20)
• Pivoting to new projects (37.50)

Where to find Amy
Web: Fearlessly Facing Fifty 
Podcast: Fearlessly Facing Fifty


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