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24. Learn how this woman DID NOT let her circumstances DEFINE her, but EMPOWER her passion for cycling. Meet Thuy Do
January 27, 2021
In this episode you will learn: How this amazing woman is defying the odds from her injury and taking her passion for cycling to a whole new level.
Thuy's journey continues.
Her 2021 goal is to make the selection process to ride / race and represent Canada as a NextGen Parathlete.
This May 2021, will be her first-ever race qualifier, in Montreal on the Formula One racecourse.
As her coach, she is training hard this winter to be ready for the Spring.

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After sustaining a brain injury as a teenager, Thuy found the bike and an invitation to compete for a spot in Team Canadas Next Gen Parathletes program.
Yes, YOU Can!

Such an extraordinary story. Thuy has never given up and found the trike bicycle (three wheels) as a way to create independence and freedom to travel.
She never gave up even when the injury happened and she needed to learn how to walk again. 
Thuy has the strongest mindset of anyone I've met, She also uses the bike to help fight her depression.
Just this year, she was recruited and asked to train to compete in a qualifying event in May 2021, which could land her a spot on Team Canada in the Next Gen Parathlete team. 

I, Sylvie D'Aoust was asked to be her coach, and train her for the event.  This is a HUGE honour, as you follow Thuy's story and mine over the next couple of months. As her coach, I am fully committed to making sure she has the proper training to ensure her success.

Follow her journey:

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