The Practice of Learning Teams
HOP Into Action Series - Lessons from decades of HOP Integration and Sustainability
February 1, 2024
Welcome to Season 5 and the 104th episode of the podcast series.
Hi Listeners, this is Brent Sutton. Welcome to Season 5, the 104th episode of the Practice of Learning Teams podcast, and our new regular segment, HOP Into Action, Putting the Principles of Human and Organizational Performance into Practice.

This show is about the HOP and Learning Teams community looking to make sense of putting HOP, Learning Teams, and the 4Ds into action for organizations to learn and improve.

Think of this series as a mini-learning. We have a theme for each episode, and we allow it to evolve or devolve organically.

Today, we explore our first 2024 trip to North America, where we caught up with Rob and Ray Fisher, Todd Conklin, Gordon and the team at Energy Safety Canada, and the HOPmeister himself, Jeff Lyth.

So please sit back and enjoy this series of HOP into Action, sponsored by Safety Differently Merch, providers of curated merchandise befitting your safety differently journey.