Mistakes founders make when building an online sales funnel
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Mistakes founders make when building an online sales funnel
April 18, 2021
In this episode, we talk about why building up a website before selling is not ideal for a successful conversion funnel.
One of the mistakes that early-stage founders do is they start focusing on building up their website. Now, don't get me wrong, you do need to have some kind of placeholder website where you can put frequently asked questions and etcetera. But that website isn't for you to convert sales from online sources, you're not gonna be converting any sales from any organic leads from Instagram or any kind of paid ads because you don't know what sells yet. 

So for you to figure out what to sell before you even think about the copy on your website, you really do have to go out there and start selling yourself with direct sales. And what you want to do is you want to be able to at least get a good sizeable number of customers that you are selling to. So you can hear all these different points of confusion, false beliefs, objections, etcetera. And that way, this will help you make your marketing material much better. 

So when you do start creating your online sales funnel and you want people to start converting online, you already have something that's proven and that's tried. But the way to get there is for the first, I would say 100 customers, it's much harder. You're gonna have to knock on doors, you're gonna have to go shake hands, you're gonna have to go talk to people, try to get his front, try to get in front of as much people as possible. 

And yes, of course, this could be through online methods, but it's not going to come from a blog post, it's going to be through an actual interaction, some actual engagement with whoever this customer is. So before you think about starting to build a sales funnel or a website, really think about what is it gonna take for you to start selling whatever product you have. And even if you don't have a product you have to make a minimum bible mockup which is just the marketing materials for that product. So you can start there the other mistake. And with that solving essentially as the other mistake. As a lot of founders, they will focus on their MVP instead of actually focusing on sales. 

So instead we build a minimum bible mock-up. And for the first few customers we are knocking doors were shaking hands, were trying to get as much information as possible. And then from there, we are grabbing testimonials and then with the testimonials and all these different frequently asked questions that you're gathering. This will help you create your marketing copy for your website and for your ads. But by then you already know something that converts. 

And once you start creating organic content or paid ads type of content and you're sending them to this website, That's when you know it will actually start bringing your sales and we'll convert otherwise. If you skip that step where you're talking to people, you're making direct sales, then you are just going to be leaking money because you're spending ads or you're spending time on endeavors that might not convert into sales, might not even get to any traffic. So it's really important to start with the people. 1st start shaking hands, knocking on doors, get in front of as many people as you can and get some testimonials, start making some direct sales and then worry about your online sales funnel. Hope that helps.

Boom. Bam. I'm out. 

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