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Amazon's Badass KDP Leader with Tammie Chrin - Seller Roundtable Episode 135 - Part 2
March 14, 2022
Amazon's Badass KDP Leader with Tammie Chrin - Seller Roundtable Episode 135 - Part 2
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[00:00:01] spk_2: Welcome to the seller Roundtable, E Commerce, coaching and Business Strategies with Andy Arnott and [00:00:07] spk_0: Amy Wees. Yeah, first of all, I want to let you know I am not a graphic designer. So, you know, my books got I've gotten a bit better, but I'm still not to the level of a graphic designer. But you don't have to think of these books or covers or anything that are going to have to be, um, that spectacular. It can be very You know, uh, we use a lot of Camba. We use a lot of a duty, which is a book creator. There's book Bull. There's a lot of different places you can use different, um, places to create the books and then uploaded into KDP. KDP also has their own, um, graphics and some things you can use inside the platform. But it's not. It doesn't have a lot to offer, so a lot of us use other other services that you can create a cover and an interior pages and different things like that. So my process is to basically use a canvas. Uh, you can use a free camp if you don't want to pay for it, but the paid one gives you a little bit more, you know, gives you a little more to use, like different ways to upload it and do different things. But you can use a free free camera and then upload right into KDP after you've designed it in the in the camera and then go there. Now, if you're really good at, you know graphics you you would definitely use in design and people who are a graphic artist, they use that. You can also go and have somebody create these for you. You don't have to. You know, if this is something like I don't want to, I don't know how to design a book. I don't have the time because I know as a business owner, you know, I don't want to learn one more thing. I just want it done for you. And you know, I have some of those services available as well. We can just create the book for you, get it done and and go from there so there. And you can use, you know, five. Or sometimes if you just need to cover created, there's lots and lots of tools for you to use so I don't want anybody gets stuck on book creation and layout it. Um there's some really great ways to kind of use different tools, like I said and create these brand of booklets. And, um, you know, basically, you could just think of it as a very low content books and the pages can repeat you don't. Once you create one page, you just repeat it. So don't think that these have to be some type of, you know, very intense books with all these, you know, ideas. It's like, very repeatable way. I call this more of like a low to medium content. We call low content lines like a line journal, maybe a prompt. This would be sort of a medium content where there's a little bit more to it, but basically just copy the pages and then we upload those same pages right to campus. I mean to ktb and and you create the cover back in front and you're off and running. And yeah, I also do [00:02:59] spk_1: mind 100% in Canada. It's very easy to do. And, you know, like you said, if you're doing a low to medium content book, you're just you can just hit the copy button. Once you design that page, you can hit the copy button, Um, and then you can also design your covers in Canada, and they're really easy. They're pretty easy to do. You can. You can get some. You can literally just Google on YouTube. There's lots of tutorials, but as you mentioned to me, there's a lot of people that are out there that can help you. You can fiver, you can contact Tammy. You know I [00:03:33] spk_0: have ways to play that as well. I can help you in those in the design as well in different ways. And I really streamlined a couple ways to do that in different courses that I have extreme lined them so that you can just go from just You know, you don't want to be a book publisher because that's a whole another level. You just want to get a brand of booklet for your product. I just streamline that and of course, that I have that will just take you from a to B quickly, and you can get those books up and ready to go. [00:04:01] spk_1: Another question for you is the size of the book. So I noticed that most of your books that you've created are a certain size. So can you tell me what size you usually use? [00:04:13] spk_0: It's usually a A book for something like a product would be a six by nine, a six by nine book and you can create There's multiple sizes in KDP. It just depends on what I want you guys to think about when you're thinking about what kind of book what is your product? What what are you? What is the customer going to use that booklet for? You know this is a coffee tasting booklet, so if that's what you have, then you create a little tasting tasting booklet and you can find things on. You know, Pinterest. I suggest just getting ideas. Don't take other people's stuff because there's copyright infringement. So you have to be aware of copyright infringements. But you can go and get ideas on Pinterest Google things like what is coffee tasting? It's the basics, you know. It's going to be Where did it you know, What's the date of the coffee when where was it roasted or not roasted? Where did it The beans come from, You know, that's the basic concept of a tasting book, and it could be for chocolate. It could be for, you know, any products that you're using. It can be a guide. It can be an informational. So first you need to think about what it is that you're selling and what is what is going to benefit your client because you're adding value to your product by adding this booklet. So what's going to give that value to them? You know, And and so that's why I need you guys to think about is what? What is that for you? What is that going to be for you? Let's just [00:05:42] spk_1: run through like I love this. Let's run through some ideas. Okay, what we could do with products. So if you have a fitness product, let's say you're selling a yoga mat because there's not enough of those on animals. Little people getting into that right. You could do a a journal of different yoga poses that that person has learned, which would just be like, you know, pretty much kind of like you were saying, you know, you could actually look up existing journals that that are out there and see, Like, what are the different at the time you add your vibe to it? Obviously not. Copy it, but add your vibe. Make it a little different. Um, you could also do a book of the various yoga poses, right? You could, You know, the most popular yoga poses. You could do a book where you have opposed on each page and you're taking people through the sun salutation or, you know, that kind of thing. [00:06:37] spk_0: Let me showing you a little bit here is like we just used the machine. So it's the same idea. So if this was opposed here, you know, then you can just put that in and what they will be tracking in different ways to use that. So I didn't help you, but I was just kind of, you know, showing that, you know, and then how much you know, people love the track, you know? How many? How many? How much time did I spend in yoga? Did I do my meditation? Just a little check box. Did I meditate? Did I, um, drink enough water? You can just do a little water boxes and go. You can even just go online and look at like you said all the books, you can go to a local bookstore and just there's yoga books everywhere, but you're absolutely correct. But before we go to the sizes, it just there's all different sizes you can go from, you know, an eight by 11. This is my favorite sizes that 855 by eight by five. But this is You have to remember about weight, too, because I know it costs you more when you're with your product. So think about. Could you just put an six x 9 and 24 pages is the minimum, So 24 pages is all you need. And if you can't fill it with 24 pages, add a note page at the end and add, you know, if you you know pages in the back or something to complete that book. But I just want to catch up with you really quick on that, Amy, because I think that for your clients or your you know your audience, it's the weight you have to be careful with two. So you don't want to do 100 pages and, um, have a weighted book or a bigger book. If it's not necessary, don't do a larger, larger book. Do a smaller right. [00:08:09] spk_1: Yeah. I mean, I think for like a full picture book, you know, And so, like, this was my first book. And obviously people listening can't see the screen right now, so I'll talk about it. It was just a very simple What I did is every day when I was working for the military, [00:08:24] spk_0: I make [00:08:26] spk_1: my own books because in the building I worked and I couldn't bring my phone in or anything. So I would make my own books, and I would write the same things in my notebooks every single day. So I'm tired of making my own notebooks. I'm going to make one on KDP. So I gave myself a challenge and I said, I'm going to do this in a weekend. I'm going to finish a book in a weekend, and I'm sure that I, like created in Canada, just copied and pasted the pages right. And I created the cover, uploaded the template to KDP assigned the I S P n, which is automatic automatic process on KDP and published it, and it was for sale that week. So it's [00:09:09] spk_0: amazing how fast lunch over [00:09:11] spk_1: the weekend to get it done. So there's no reason that you guys, if you're wondering about this and you're like, Oh, it's just too far I can't create a yoga book for my yoga mat. Create something. Give yourself a weekend to create something. It doesn't matter if it's ugly, Go through the process. And that way you can kind of learn what it is, and you can order yourself a sample and then, you know, you can kind of see Oh, okay, this actually is pretty easy, right? [00:09:40] spk_0: Yeah. And the prices of the of the books are very reasonable. And I've done a lot of research on different type of pricing. The best thing is, you know, as as we know, the Amazon world is the shipping, so they really take care of the shipping costs. And so when you go to printers, a lot of times, if you have to ship the books out, sometimes that gets a little you know, they're shipping them to you, then your shipping them back and you know it's the price starts adding up, but just keep, keep an eye on that. So that's another great thing with Amazon KDP. But like you're saying all were for you guys. All we're trying to do is come up with it. Could be a line journal. It does not. It could be a notebook. What we want is you to have. No one can create this book, but you. This is your product. You're putting it into your product and making a bundle out of it's adding value to your product. It's giving a customer you know, some way to see your brand. So the brand recognition right there and it could be lines lines inside. Don't get too caught up, and I have to create this whole thing for your client you just have. It's just a way to add value and they run around, you know, $2.15. It depends on the pages you put in, but around 2 15, and then there's a little shipping costs and some other costs, but about $3.18 for each book. So adding that value there and you could probably get you know, at least a $10 value perceived value for these books in your bundle in your product, and it helps with keeping people off of your listing because it can't. No one can duplicate this. And, um, I get this question a lot from other people, too, is like they use promo cards, and I think promo cards are great. I don't have any problem with that, but they tend to throw them out with all the packaging. They don't tend to throw these away. They don't tend to throw your little books away. It's something about a book and throwing away, but you're also giving them something that they can use. So it's not just a toss away. It's something they can. Even if you're just providing [00:11:43] spk_1: a notebook with your branding on, it was like for me, that's a cat products, right? I mean, I could provide a really cute notebook with a cute cat on the front, and people are going to keep that. It's going to be in love it right? So even though I'm not giving them a guide of how to do something right and just write your notebook with acute cover of a cat on the front, right, maybe I could do like the most popular cat breeds like a little cartoon on the cover, you know, And yeah, it's just a gift from us. And you know, I could bundle that even with my private label, unique product. And people will be like, Wow, you know, they're going to keep it. They're going to put it on the shelf, but they're going to write in it. They'll use it for something. The kids will steal it if it's cute, right? Yeah. So you really don't have anything to lose from that side? And I would love to come up with some other ideas. So, like if you have a fitness product, obviously it's pretty easy to do a journal. But let's say like, I just gave a cat product idea where you could just provide a really cute notebook. What about if you have a kitchen product? What if you're selling a French press [00:12:49] spk_0: coffee coffee? You could even create the book, too. So you're a French press. You could do the tasting book. Obviously, that would work well. Or you could just say, you know, give some instructions and I'm sure your product has instructions anyway. But if you just create them in the book maybe that you have to clean the French press. How do you clean a French press like it could be something very simple like that. Maybe a check off list of When did you clean at last? [00:13:17] spk_1: Oh, that's so That's so good. Because every time I buy an appliance, a kitchen appliance and it comes with a decent book, I keep it. I put it in my kitchen with my recipe books. And then when it comes time to maintain that product or if I have problems with it for troubleshooting whatever, then I pull it right out of the cupboard. And again, I have a way to contact the brand you could also that could be your instructions, and you can have them sign up for your warranty. From there, you can kind of combine your insert with this book, which would be very value added for them because they're not only getting really nice instructions. I can't tell you how many brand owners that I've unboxed their products and they have no instructions. And when I asked them about it, I'm like, Okay, well, you know what's going on here or they have a high return rate and the big thing is they're not paying attention to the customer experience when they get that product. And so just taking that extra time to provide some extra instructions, we do a booklet with our With our litter box singer. We do a booklet that says, Welcome to the family. Here's some tips for using this. Reach out to us with any questions. We're here for you, you know all of that. And we actually do have people keep that booklet, find us on Facebook. Reach out with questions. Yes, you know, it's like the [00:14:46] spk_0: branding poor part portion of it, too, is so good for you guys because they're seeing Oh, and not a lot of people use this technique, and so it's it's get people get excited when they open a package. And, oh, I get a book, too, And it's, you know, I like to call him booklets because they're small. That's just my fun little name for them, but it really does. You know, you could do cookbooks. You can do a little recipe. You can't copy people's recipes, but you can actually create. How do you use the machine? You can add a QR code right to a video of how to use the particular machine you're you're selling or or a product you have. So you can use these Brandon booklets in multiple ways. It's not just, you know, giving, um, you know, keeping you off. You're listening. But that is one of the big advantages. But it's also giving value. And people, you know, how do you stand out? How do you stand out from the crowd If it's something that multiple people have and you know Oh, you know you'll see you, Could you? I would definitely post a picture of what's in that box, and this is part of what's in that box. Oh, I get a booklet, too, and I Oh, that's great. I can track you know who's cleaning the cat box or whatever you're doing or, you know, or who's feeding the cat or it's a new kitten or it's you know, it's a new kitten, and now you have a little booklet. It's like, Oh, my kitten did this or the weight of the cat could be a veterinarian book. It doesn't have to all go right with your product as well, but it could be a veterinarian book. Just, you know, my cat had shots. When did they have the shots? Just to check off the list of those. [00:16:19] spk_1: Something that adds value to the product into the customer experience is really like I said, You know, you could even just do a notebook with a really cute cat on the front. And that just comes And your branding on the back, and that just comes with it. You know, you could do anything really and make it a lot of fun. So I love it, Danny. Very, very cool. Okay. [00:16:43] spk_0: Thank you. [00:16:44] spk_1: So let's talk about mhm. Just the one question that we like to ask. So you're you're not You're not doing this anymore, right? You're not creating books anymore. You're now teaching others how to do this, right? [00:17:01] spk_0: Yes. Yes. Well, that kind of started out. I've been doing this. I still you know, I have a few clients and things that I create. Just a therapist here with the journal. Here's my line journal. She sells this like hotcakes to her client. She actually uses this as a gift for them a lot of times, but yes, I do. Um, I do still create books, but I have a lot of people have asked me, How do I do this? And that's when Amy and I are discussing This is how do I do this? So I have put together something very special for you guys, but it's just basically I wanted to accelerate this KDP process because I was thinking as a business owner, like I said before, I don't have the time. I don't have the time to another thing to learn. So what I did is I took and put the process super quick, super easy. You could do it like Amy said in a weekend and and create these brand of booklets, and I give you ideas and places to create the books for you and and all kinds of ideas, sizes of books, what? How to choose a book, how to how to pick one for your product. And, um, I created all of that for you and put it in a a quick little course for you. [00:18:17] spk_1: Amazing. So, yeah, I'll be sharing that in the show notes. Um, okay, question. From a business owner perspective, we always ask, you know, what's your piece of advice for people just getting started, [00:18:32] spk_0: I think is just don't critic. Don't be so critical on yourself. Just do it. You know, I like I said, I I wasn't a graphic designer. I just decided I'm just going to try doing these books. And what it led to was a whole another business for me because I started creating now Brandon Booklist for businesses. And now I'm talking to you guys. So my best advice is you will not be perfect, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Just just take one step forward. And I think a lot of people just I I know. I was thinking I'm not a graphic designer. I don't have this background. I'm not an author. I don't It does not matter because you can't, you know, you will get better. You will find people that will guide you like myself. There's a lot of us, you know, out there helping you and and guiding you. But you do. You have to just take the step. There's no one else that can do it. So that's my best advice for all my students is just Get one book done like he did in the weekend. So [00:19:35] spk_1: that's right. Challenge yourself to get it done. Take a step forward. Don't worry about being perfect or having it all figured out. You know, I think that [00:19:42] spk_0: happens a lot to us entrepreneurs. We get a little stuck in the perfection world, and, yeah, you know, we wanted to look good, but you have to take one step. That's all you need to do is one step every time and [00:19:55] spk_1: love it. And then what about what's keeping you motivated? So are you listening to any podcasts? Are you reading any books? Is there any anything that you do to kind of keep you motivated and keep you moving forward? [00:20:10] spk_0: Well, I love thing that motivates me is actually sharing these ideas with people. And when I met, you know what I was talking to, Amy. It just gets you so excited. But books I love, um, any kind of book I love. You're a badass by Jensen Shero. She's one of my favorite authors, and, um, just sort of those kind of things, too. Um, to read is just sort of that. How do you make the world a better place to live in and share it with everybody. So, um, I love your podcast, Amy. I always love what you're doing. I love people that inspire others. So anything that inspires people to be their best is my favorite thing to hear or read. [00:20:50] spk_1: I love it. Um all right, so I guess the last question that we have for you before we hit stop on the recording button and, um let other folks that are in here in the room ask their questions. Um, is how can people get in contact with you? Of course. We're going to share our offer in the show notes. But how can people get in contact with you and connect with you? [00:21:16] spk_0: So, um, you know, I have my multiple platforms have a, you know, Facebook group as well as under YouTube's channel. All those things. But we in the show notes This is going to be where you want to click on that link because that's going to give you take you right to my website. So all of this is at my website, and that's tammy Quran dot com. And my name is T a m m E C h r i n dot com But it's, um Yeah, in the show notes, I would click on that. That link that will be the best. But the website has multiple, um, multiple things for you to look at and have templates and ideas and courses and all kinds of stuff for you in there and how to. So, um, just search my name and you'll find me. [00:22:04] spk_1: It sounds great. Well, thank you so much to me for being here. And thanks to everyone for listening today, reach out anytime with any questions you guys have. I want to thank you on behalf of Andy and myself for voting for us in this year's seller pole. Once again, we, you know, ranked in the top, uh, 10 podcasts that are out there. I think we were in the top five this year. I think we were number four, which was amazing to us. We're so happy about that. So thank you guys so much as always for subscribing and listening and giving us your feedback. And this is one of the best things that I do every week as I get to meet with amazing people like Tammy and I get to hang out with amazing awesome entrepreneurs who are getting it done like caramel and Marina and glad we're here in the chat with us. And, you know, I just appreciate you all so much for being here and for listening, and we are going to hit Stop on the recording here and we'll see you guys next week on the seller Roundtable. Thank you so much. [00:23:10] spk_0: Thank you, Byron. Thanks for tuning in. Join us every Tuesday at one PM, [00:23:18] spk_2: Pacific Standard Time for live Q and A and bonus content after the recording at cellar roundtable dot com, sponsored by [00:23:26] spk_0: the Ultimate Software [00:23:27] spk_2: tool for Amazon Sales and Growth seller s eo dot com and [00:23:31] spk_0: Amazing at home dot [00:23:33] spk_2: com.