The Empressa Start-up Show
Youtuber Rocío Isabel Reflects on the Transition into Motherhood
May 3, 2021
On this week's episode, I am joined by Rocío Isabel to discuss rebranding her Youtube channel as well as post-partem and pandemic motherhood. Rocío is a leading YouTuber and blogger in the bilingual-lifestyle space and the content 
creator behind Rocío Isabel, formerly RisasRizos. Since 2014, she has dedicated her time to sharing tips on achieving healthy hair, her latest and greatest beauty finds, her love for fresh and sophisticated fashion, and additional bits and pieces of her everyday life. Rocio was recently awarded a 2018 Hispanicize Tecla Award for Best Beauty Content Creator and continues to share with her viewers and readers the importance of loving the beauty that's within! As a newlywed and new mom, Rocío has enjoyed sharing more about her latest role in life with topics such as parenting, relationships, self care and understanding how to balance it all with grace. Find out more about her at
Find out more about her at