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123. He Created a CAR INSURANCE for CYCLIST that FUNDS his Passion Project StarFish CHARITY in Malawi. Meet CHRIS NOTT
September 13, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: Chris Nott had a very successful insurance business. After attending a week-long volunteer trip to Malawi to build a Church, his life changed he sold his Insurance business and started a charity called Starfish Malawi. He also created a very unique Insurance for Cyclists that funds his charity.
This is for the UK Cycling Community only. 
My aim is to promote , which enables road cycling enthusiasts/triathletes/duathletes to benefit from savings on their car insurance because of their cycling experience: road alertness, space awareness, and healthy lifestyle - they profile as “roadworthy” for discounts. 
We have a panel of underwriters prepared to acknowledge this important element. I am giving away all my profits from this scheme (and not taking a salary) in order to support charity work in Malawi, where I am the founder of , working with the most vulnerable of children in Malawi. 
Carinsurance4cyclists is a commercial operation and is being handled by my former company, which I formed, Chris Knott Insurance Consultants, who specialize in affinity marketing
We are the first to recognize the link between cycling and driving. What I really need to do is to make contact with enthusiastic cyclists through cycling clubs, events/sportives, cycling holidays, press, merchandise, cycling proficiency, cycling cafes, … anywhere cyclists receive their information.

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