When is the right time to start running ads?
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When is the right time to start running ads?
September 9, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the process of identifying when you have the right elements to run paid ads.
So the question is, when is the right time to do paid ads? And the mistake that most startup founders make is that they will start doing ads right away because it feels like it's easy, right? You just do this work one time and then you put it out there and if you can get leads in traffic and traction like that like it's easy. So the hope is you just do this thing once you put it out there and you're legit, you're making money, but it doesn't work out that way, right? 

So a lot of founders, what they do is when they put out these ads, it's crickets, maybe they'll get some clicks, maybe they won't get any clicks. And if they are getting clicks, then nothing's happening. They're not getting any kind of traction on their site. And they're like, wondering what's going on? Like why aren't these ads working? So in this episode, we're actually going to talk about how to troubleshoot this and when is the actual right time for you to start creating ads.

Okay, in terms of the right time for creating ads, you have to have a marketing message that converts. And if you're going to get a marketing message that converts, you can't test it using a paid ad system because this is going to take you a long time and it's really difficult to get any kind of feedback from a paid ad system because there's no loop where the customer can actually reach out to you and complain on why they haven't converted or what they didn't like about your site, etcetera. So where you have to start to be able to get this converting marketing message of this, this tight marketing message that you know converts, is you have to start with organic. And when you're starting with organic, you have to start with organic outbound. 

So what this means is you are actually going to the customers, you're figuring out where these customers are, where they're hanging out and you're talking to them and you're getting in front of them. So again, the way that I imagine this is like a person that's hustling CDs out of the back of their trunk, right? This person is out there in the market, he's getting face time with people and he's getting feedback, he's understanding why these people aren't converting, what's going on is listening for all these different objections as you start doing this. And once you can actually start converting using organic outbound, then this is when you know, you can take this framework or model that you built and replicate it for paid ads. 

And in paid ads, it's going to be a little different, right? Because there's a new variation that you're introducing because the first example where you're doing this organic outbound, you're actually getting their face to face and because you're there face to face, people are able to trust you and then as soon as you remove your face from it and you're putting a robot face to it, even if it's a video or something, it's still not that face to face connection or it's not that personal 1 to 1 connection, right? Even if you're doing LinkedIn outbound, for example, it's still the 1 to 1 connection. Once you start running paid ads, you lose this 1 to 1 connection, and then that will actually drop your conversion rate as well. 

So the first step is to get a high converting offer doing organic outbound. Once you do that, then you can start scaling that with paid ads but expect to see a drop in conversions on paid ads. So this is when you know you have the right elements it takes to start running paid ads. Once you start running paid ads, that's not where the journey kind of ends either, right? So as I mentioned, your conversion rates are going to drop. Now the way that you want to increase your conversion rates is through re-targeting and re-marketing. 

So the way you have to do this is you have to have mechanisms in place where you can actually reach out to these customers again and keep delivering more content. So on LinkedIn for example, if you wanted to do a re-marketing campaign, there are a few things that you have to do. So one you have to be able to collect 300 leads and I think it's 300 leads from a given country, but you have to collect 300 clicks onto your landing page and then the LinkedIn pixel tracker has to track those clicks and track the people that are coming on there. And then this will allow you to create a re-marketing campaign because now you can reach out to those 300 people and you can also tell LinkedIn, you know, these 300 people clicked on my site but also show it to other people who are similar to these 300 people. And those 300 people when they're first clicking on your site, they don't know who you are and because they don't know you are, they don't trust you. 

So they're probably not going to give you an email address or probably not going to convert. But this is the first step in the sales process. You're just trying to get their attention. They clicked. So something worked, something happened but they still don't trust you. They might not like you. And this is your chance to change that. So to change that, you have to be able to re-market because once they're gone, if you don't have a re-marketing ability or retargeting ability, then they're gone forever, right? So once you have this ability to re-market then you just keep on being top of mind by showing different ads, by providing some kind of different value. For example, maybe you're showing ads to podcasts that you've been on or testimonials that you've had about your product and you're just showing all these different dimensions to what you're trying to sell. So you can slowly start building up this know, likeability and trust. 

And that's when you know you have something that will actually start working. So this is a process. It's not like you just create some as you turn it on, you're supposed to get sales right away. No, it's a very long process. You start with the organic piece. First, you get a high converting message, a high converting offer you scale that with paid ads and then increase the conversion rates because you're gonna see a huge drop in conversions. You then have to re-market and retarget hope this helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom, bam, I'm out.

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