Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast
Introduction: Learn about the focus of this podcast
September 24, 2020
Learn more about the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast. This is the first episode which introduces you to the focus of this podcast and to the host, Kim Beasley.


Hello and Welcome to Creative Introvert Entrepreneur podcast, a show about helping introverts build your business brand online.

Hi, I’m Kim Beasley, the founder of the Creative Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast. The focus of this podcast is to share information for introverts so you can grow your business online. In today's episode, I am going to introduce you to the Podcast and how it can help you. Let's drive-in!

More about the Podcast

I base the Creative Introvert Entrepreneurs Podcast on my book that is entitled Creative Introvert Entrepreneur: a roadmap for introverts to learn how to grow your business online. I am the Founder and Lead Business Brand Coach and I’m passionate about helping my fellow introverts to learn how to grow your business brand online.

Now, let's dive into the introduction for this podcast. The first thing I want to share are a couple of the words you may hear in any of our podcasts. CIE stands for Creative Introvert Entrepreneur and can refer to a person, the book, or a title. In each case, Kim will explain what she's referring to. Business brand pertains to the look and feel for your business which includes logo, colors, images, social media, etc.

When people meet me, they find it hard to believe I’m an introvert. I am more of an ambivert which means I balance out being an introvert and extrovert. My tendency is to lean towards being introvertish and I thrive on it. However, for those times when I need to step out of my comfort zone, I can display extrovertish.

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