Unapologetically BOLD: I'm not sorry for....
Creating chaos along the way with Chance Stewart
December 11, 2020
Do you like to walk the strait and narrow OR you rather a chaotic style person? In this episode, we speak with Chance Stewart on why he is not sorry for creating chaos along the way....with love of course. He has focused his life on building relationships and creating community but in his journey, he has learned "leadership" is more than words, it is the philosophy that requires a little disruption.
Do you like to walk the strait and narrow OR you rather a chaotic style person?

In this episode, we speak with Chance Stewart on why he is not sorry for creating chaos along the way....with love of course. He has focused his life on building relationships and creating community but in his journey, he has learned "leadership" is more than words, it is the philosophy that requires a little disruption.

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[00:00:02] spk_1: this is visited in this show is brought to you by Safety FM. Welcome to unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for if you are a person that is tired of apologizing for being you, you know the human part of you that sometimes feels like it has to be different at home versus work versus play, Theo. Human side that just wants to be hot, humble, open and transparent about your wants, desires and uniqueness. If you answered yes, this podcast is for you. Join me, Emily Elrod as I dive into conversations with Amazing Guest about what you're not sorry for And creative and loving ways. Let's get started. I'm so excited today to have chance with me today. Thanks Chance for joining me.

[00:00:56] spk_0: Thank you for having me. I always love having a conversation with you.

[00:00:59] spk_1: It's always fun. We get really nerdy on things, so we'll try to keep it at hot level. But you never got where it's going to go. Awesome. So chance for the people that don't know who you are, just give them a little background back story about you.

[00:01:15] spk_0: Uh, a little background background story is hard to do. I have a weird and twisted once all kind of keep it, uh, calm. I've been through multiple industries at this point in my life. I've been homeless twice in my life for the past 10 years. I've spent my my focus, my life, my energy in leadership. What does leadership? What does it mean to me? It's become something more sacred. And it's not on Lee. Just a word. I don't believe it's a position. It's not a title, but it's a philosophy of life. How do you want to live your life? And you know that sometimes that gets a little bit chaotic.

[00:01:54] spk_1: Oh, I love it. I think that flows fantastically into what you're not sorry for. So chance tell the world what you are not apologizing for.

[00:02:06] spk_0: I am no longer apologizing for creating chaos on when I say chaos. I don't mean being a jerk, you know, just trying to throw a wrench in the gears for no good reason. I have lost many jobs because I have asked why too many times my last two positions. I have not renewed my contract because I knew if I asked why, one more time someone was gonna lose a gasket my last position. I even told them three years before I didn't have my contract, that I was going to create chaos and they did not believe me. Now you know that's good for some people, but not always great for your manager.

[00:02:46] spk_1: And I think that's an interesting concept because what I call action. At times people call chaos. And it is the verb ege of what chaos actually is. So a lot of times it may just be uncomfortable, but for you, I know it's a form of leadership in it, like you said, a philosophy and putting people through a little bit of uncomfortable and chaos to get to the next level. How has that helped in shaping who you are?

[00:03:23] spk_0: I have struggled with who I am for a lot of years. Um, I live in a very small mountain logging town, and that's not who I am. So trying to figure out exactly who I am has been tough. I'm this guy that likes to read doctoral dissertations for fun over my shoulder. You see pink, a chew Batman, Char Mander and Abraham Lincoln, and there's Ah, Uncle Sam up there, too, so I'm just weird dichotomy. A little bit of chaos. I have You know, this love for learning? Uh, that nerd. As you said, we've heard it out a little bit more than a little. And for those of you who are wondering where my Squirtle is, I just ordered it on Amazon. Yes, my starter Pokemon will be here. Don't worry. So you know, being who I am has been a part of my creating chaos. It's not something I want to dio. I don't want people to be uncomfortable, but I know that it is important to be uncomfortable. Uh, part of leadership is having those difficult conversations, that emotional intelligence to know I'm uncomfortable on. This isn't okay, but I can make it through it. So when I say chaos, I'm not saying I that Alfred quote from Batman begins. Some men just want to see the world burn. I don't want to see the world burn. I am horrified that I see the world barring literally and figuratively right now. But I have the hope that through that chaos there is a better path forward.

[00:04:59] spk_1: Mhm. And I think that it's so deep and I love your heart like I've gotten to know you through different engagements in the human first community as well. Just that that deep and how much you care and you've been open and honest about your past. And even, like you said, starting out that you've been homeless, how has that helped you and embracing chaos more so that you can get to that next level, that it's going to be okay?

[00:05:32] spk_0: We all have different versions of ourselves in this world. There's no way that we can. That's just not the way that this is built. But some of us have gotten so far away from the core of who we are and how we want to be that anyone that tries to do that is now seeing as a saboteur. Uh, there's a book that I read that he calls them revolutionaries. It's not about being revolutionary and destroy the system, but be revolutionary by being yourself. Eso and I talk about leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management. I will tell you that my kids know it first. Mhm. My five year old, almost six year old, talks about emotional intelligence. My two year old knows Mad Daddy. I breathe. Yes, you read. So this isn't something that I'm talking about. It's not lip service anymore. There's some of me that had to be a certain person. I dress a certain way. That's always a black shirt. Usually I have bracelets on. That's who I am. I am not shaving the beard. I'm not taking my plugs out. I have tattoos, they're heading. But that's who I am. I can't not be me anymore. And if that creates chaos in your world, then how can I hope your world be bigger? How can I be a part of that? It's not just one thing. This is the philosophy of my life. I said before that I have hope, because if I did not be in the corner crying and that on, Lee gets stronger in every day. So you know my chaos is being myself because I have to be because my wife needs it. My kids need it, and I think the world needs us to be more of ourselves.

[00:07:12] spk_1: I think in that aspect of being that hot human, it allows you to get to the next level. And so let's talk about that for a second and how important it has been for you on living it out like what I joke about all the time is that my kids like either they're gonna go to the therapist later or even be like the most emotional intelligence. Like my kids, they know trigger recognitions like now because I feel like we're such onions and we have to peel back and pull back and pull back. And so, like, let's just not make it such a big onion. Let's just start at the core and things like that learning it young. Why is it so important toe? Live it for leadership.

[00:07:55] spk_0: One of the ways that I cut through and create chaos is I am a very celebrated cursor. I'm not going to do it here. I respect your platform, but usually the first way that I get people that are introduced to me is within the first hour. I say BS because if we do not live our life in a way that we want to be, and the way that we want people to see us, everyone will see it. Mhm. It's just how it is. There is no this is chance at work. This is chance at home. This is chance with the kids. This is chance with my wife. I have done that my last position that I actually went to an office for three years. I drove two hours there, two hours home. It was a good position. That's what got me to where I'm out. I am truly 100% blessed to have that. But when I had to be someone besides myself, I saw everyone else suffer.

[00:08:52] spk_1: Okay,

[00:08:53] spk_0: my wife wasn't doing as well my two year old at the time, then my newborn. Thankfully, my youngest was here after that. So he's not gonna have to deal with that trauma. Dad coming home, passing out on the couch. So being yourself is just something you have to do because everyone can see it. Whether we want to think it or not, we're still animals that work on our gut instincts. We see it when you go through trauma training or you go through emergency response training. The first thing they say is if you feel something, pay attention to it and do not deny it mhm because we can see the B s. No when our director or our CEO is not working the way they say they're going to. So if I'm here and this is just who I am, I'm cursing. I'm playing Pokemon. I wrought call of duty right now. Much beloved time. My kill death ratio is great. No, that's who I am, but I connect to people because there's no B s. Ah, lot of my work in the past couple months has been with college students, whether they're being in a student government or, you know, other support programs. Way talk about tick tock. Do I understand tech top? No, but I'm trying and I'll admit that I am the old dude in the room being there and being honest people see it. You don't want to be around people who aren't really.

[00:10:26] spk_1: And I think that is so important on the aspect of being you again. Probably like you're speaking life into the show because that is what it is and how much success has come from that, like one not only like you talked about earlier, like your personal, but also professional like people connect. And I think now more than ever, that's what I've talked about with Cove. It is I feel like it's a humanity chef that I love on that aspect of it and that you are juggling so many stressors. You being fake just needs to go like, just be you, like the kids can't like. I told you earlier, one of my podcast, one of these I have a kid brought a tooth like my dog's tooth in the middle of it, like you can't predict anything in 2020. You never could predict it before, but for some reason we want to put this pretty little mask on this proverbial mask, and now we're removing it to put. Now that's another one on is first. So let's go. Let's dive into that on professionally. Like why leaders need to be hot. Humans humble, open, transparent, be themselves and cause chaos. Chaos is okay.

[00:11:41] spk_0: That goes back to kind of where I was with me, um, the positions that had before where you know, paperwork. I have to be in the middle of this case management and I will admit that I was horrible. I feel bad for the people that got my files after me because I know that it was atrocious. I am anyone that hears me from that program. I see you. I hear you. That's where I will say sorry. Because I did not do live up to what I said I was going to. But I started seeing that myself. And thankfully, I had a president that saw that as well saw that. You know, my background. My degree was in leadership. That's where my focus was. My shift was against my manager. My directors wants kind of started pulling me away from the program. Uh, started saying, Hey, I want you toe. Look at this. What can you do to help us with this? What can you do? And so, as I was being more real than myself, I was finding more success, To be honest, when cove it hip. I've had a website developed for two or three years. When cove it hit, I felt good enough. I was about to head it and go. Okay, we're making the job. We're doing this. Just chance. Not anybody else. I'm not doing it through their hr. This is chance. We're here. Let's rock it. I sat on it for two more weeks ago. I cannot do this, I'm afraid. Yeah. And then one person called me, another person called me and another and another. And, you know, it was more like, Hey, what do you have thoughts about this sort of program of this or that? And then I realized that if I was following what this universe is telling I know for years the universe is saying chances where you go. So what you do, this is who you are. I didn't see myself like this when I was in high school. My mom got into the cedar chest where everything I've ever done is hidden. And we found, uh, leadership were actually have it over there on the shelf because I still can't believe it. I got it when I didn't believe in myself. So I started believing in myself and seeing that there's that transition and I am big on the honesty of who we are. I went after my degree. I went after my education. I went off the the opportunities I have because I know what I want to dio. I'm not the dude you want running your books. I'm not the dude you want running your case study. I'll help you write a narrative for a grant. But you want your accountant or CPA hitting that? That's just how it ISS. But if you want someone to come in here and help people figure out who they want to be, what their lives were going to be, that's when you come to me. I've said before I started doing my speaking consulting like, I'm gonna go into an organization and I'm not going to do work. But I will help other people do their work Good enough that we will hire more people to take care of my deficient.

[00:14:42] spk_1: Okay?

[00:14:44] spk_0: And I'm done working on my deficiency. I am. I'm not doing it no more. I don't got time for that. I know what I'm good at. I'm running that

[00:14:51] spk_1: you can't lead others if you can't lead yourself further. Others if you don't love yourself first. And I think that's so imperative to go from that side of that lens of leadership that sometimes about you know what you're good at. You know your strength. You do know your weaknesses. But I think you touched on something so huge that comes with it. If I didn't know what my strengths were, if I didn't know that wisdom, taking knowledge and action and making it an actual step. But it no process and how humans work. That's my thing, like nerd ing out on humans and kind of making the thing that goes with it if I didn't know that. But I think one thing that is really interested, interesting. If I hadn't went through chaos, I would have never known it. Um,

[00:15:38] spk_0: I think Joe Rogan was the one that said this originally, But he said, There's never been an interesting first person that's had a easy life. When we're talking about chaos, when we're talking about building ourselves, do something bigger and better, whatever that level of chaos is for you. Everyone has their own boundaries, their own borders. They have toe push. So when I hear that I go, yeah, we have to struggle to be better. I've told you before about time that I said, You know, I like to push my boundaries. I like to fill out of my comfort zone and I said, I want to skydive one day and one of the gentlemen in my workshop said, Oh yeah, by the way, I'm the local pilot when you want to go up. I was three years ago. I still get a linked in every once in a while saying, Hey, chance, what are we gonna go so e? I don't Not yet. And we're gonna get back there. But we do have to struggle. That wasn't survival of the strongest. It's the survival of those who can adapt and move past the struggles they've had.

[00:16:36] spk_1: And I think that's the important part. Is that adaptation the resilience and embracing failure I literally have on my walls and rest the know because I'm a people pleaser and I want to, like, make everybody happy. And so whenever they say no, like, I put it in on my identity like I'm not good enough, you know? But like, how Maney knows Do we have toe have to get to Yes, like make fun game with it and finding ways that how this brain works My poor husband's like, uh, Emily, I don't know, but those are some of the things like failure. My my father, I upset is probably a million times on the show that, like he taught me a feeling, has to be a part of success. Like he always says he goes, I know 150 ways not to make a sponsor but the one way that I did it right. Look at the life you've got And I know because he felt and how he tried that overcoming how it embraced my life. But what if I want to stay uncomfortable? How is that impacting the next generation? How is that impacting set like? There's one company I love, that they look everything from seven generations out. How is that what I'm doing today impacting seven generations out? And that was so impactful for me. But it's because of chaos is because of the suck is embracing it and the nose and everything that comes with it. So I think that's important right now is just to talk a little bit more on. I hate this pervert stepping outside your comfort zone, but you know, it's like a cliche thing we hear. But talk about that from a leadership aspect.

[00:18:14] spk_0: So when I think about stepping outside of your comfort zone for leaders and leadership, I haven't I'm getting to the point. I don't like the word leadership, either at this point where it that sounds like a title in a position.

[00:18:28] spk_1: It's a buzzword to

[00:18:29] spk_0: it is now lead or leads in action. Oh, action. Oh, wait. So we're talking about leadership, where the ability to leave we're talking about acting and doing doing something on that kind of goes into that feeling. It's not about doing the right thing or the wrong thing that's doing the thing for the right reason sometimes, and as we're talking comfort zone, I mean realistically outside of a nice steak and some steak fries. What's your comfort zone? Yeah, right now in the middle of Covic, none of us are in our comfort zone. My wife has said it. Multiple times were in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. We're struggling toe, have our basic physical needs met. So how can we articulate well enough to even get close toe the emotional, psychological but alone self actualization?

[00:19:22] spk_1: And I think that's to the big part that you point out to is psychological safety like you know, and coming. Then I do a lot of stuff In the safety world, it's like we can't have chaos because that's a risk, well, risk or how we learn like you needed like change your mind set on risk, and I think it comes to the dollar amount. Sometimes they care more about.

[00:19:48] spk_0: So risk is one thing, but how we respond to that is a whole different thing. As we're talking about the human part about leadership, I know that when I talk about leadership, I'm talking about the way people are going to feel when I'm out of the the way we react to risk or failure or success, whatever that is. Part of the issue. When we're talking about leadership, Simon Sinek puts it, um, in terms of the military he talks about, we're brothers and sisters. We may fight here, but if anyone comes from the outside so helping if we had that same mentality My father in law works for a logging company. You cannot get fired for substance abuse, mental disorder or, like drugs, alcohol, whatever. You can't get fired for that. You could Onley get fired for not going to treatment, which they will paint. That's cool. They will take care of it. So they're not talking about they're talking about. I'm willing to take the risk if you are. If you're willing to act, we're here with. We're not going to get down on you. We will be here to support you and tell you're no longer willing to take the risk. The risk is a good thing. That's that's why I like chaos. Caste ism bad. It's changing it. So we could be that that next version, that next thing we never get to version one point out, because by the time we get to version 1.0.8, everything's already changed. We have to figure out a whole new way to move forward. So that's why we say good is better than perfect. That is perfect, because now we can figure out what the next version of done it. Now we can move forward.

[00:21:37] spk_1: That is so deep but also so awesome at the fact that you're bringing out toe like the aspects of leadership again. That air not talked about a lot, and I think the importance of almost like that brotherhood and sisterhood, that coming together and how you reframe risk. And what if the world did that? You know what if our companies What if the government What if What if different things did this for risk? I would say fell often, but fell safe whenever you are even in chaos. There's still some safety in it because you know who you are. If you know who you are and you know what you're good at and what your strengths are. And your purpose on this earth is you could get to that next level because if you fail, you will learn from it. There's something the other day I was talking with somebody. Basically, it's a goal. So anybody listen to this. I really wanna work on this. It is where he came out to May I put a fact out that I think it was 400,000 veterans are homeless and then somebody else message man, he goes. Isn't it crazy that there's that many people that are homeless and how it correlates with suicide? But yet we have 700,000 buildings in the government that air just bacon, and it's like but being, you know, like, how can we take these things that we hear about we learn about and putting them together, and it's risky. Yeah, I'm a mess up on it. But if we can learn through the process, it may not. No plan goes perfect the first time. It's a guess. It's a hypothesis. It's a prediction. But why don't we take the risk of just trying? Because what if it impacts just one person? That's this podcast. What if it impacts just one person and how it can? I think it's the law of reciprocity. It will. It will come back 10 fold for the world to be greater than to be better. But if I didn't know that if you didn't know what you're good at, like the world would even get to hear what you're saying today, that is, I know that's a blessing because it's it's deep and it's awesome. I do want to give a little plug to say, Champ, how can people reach out to you? How can they contact me to get learn more about

[00:23:53] spk_0: you? So contacting me is easiest. Through the website Chance City Stewart dot com. I am an elder millennial that scorns social media. None of my kids. There's one picture of my one of my kids on social media. I'm not on their very well. You can find me on Facebook. Instagram LinkedIn is probably your best because I love the people I found there. I'm definitely finding my tribe s. Oh, yeah. The website or Lincoln is probably your best bet. Instagram is going to get better, but it's a little bit

[00:24:25] spk_1: I'm there with you. Uh, it's knowing yourself. That's

[00:24:31] spk_0: 100%. 1 thing I want to jump in here because you're talking about risk. Um, the way you said it, you know, we have all these buildings and all these homeless veterans. I will tell you every single day of the week, I will risk money for the reward of a human being every day of the week. Um, money. I'm a dirty, rotten capitalists, but I think people have to be taken care of 100%. I will take the risk of losing all the money if we can take care of people. Because that's what leadership and leadership is the action for people. How are we taking care of others? I live my life on this philosophy that I heard called the two deaths. Have you ever heard of this one before? Okay, It's something that keeps me up at night has for five years. The philosophy of the two deaths is that every single person that lived going to live or going to in the future dies two deaths The first time when we leave our body. The last time someone says our name Oh, I have said this hundreds of times. I have goose bumps everywhere. It hurts you too. But it's one of those things I think about that so often. I'm not living for today. I'm not even at this point living for myself. I'm living for my two little girls and my little boy. The last time someone says my name, I don't want them to say, Well, he made a lot of money. I want them to say Yeah, Grandpa, You know that author God, he loved people. Eso When I think about leadership chaos, I don't care if anybody else is on board.

[00:26:15] spk_1: It's not just it's more than a legacy, it's it's leaving. Ah, philosophy And it ideas is leaving in essence yourself through that leader. And it's that seven fold like the seven generations from now. How is it impacting that is those? I just love you Chance. I know you were nervous before this, so I wanna throw him under the bus tram. Um he was really nervous before this. I don't want to pick favorites, but this has been one of my favorites in deepest conversations that you just you knocked it out of the park. As always, I want to give you the last word. Um, with the last question, what would you tell people that are pause, apologizing for causing chaos along the way.

[00:27:01] spk_0: As long as you're creating chaos for the right reason, it doesn't matter. Your intentions are important whether or not we get to the right version, the right model, the right thing that we wanted to happen. Our intentions do matter, and we don't give enough credit for that. We get hit for our failures and we get fired for our failures. But what we meant to do is important. The love that we bring to something, the love that we bring to a difficult conversation when we're not talking to our family because we hurt them. But we didn't mean to. We heard somebody because we had to tell them, You know, our team deserves better than what you're giving us. That is hard. That is at the core of a servant. Leaders heart, though mhm we have to be here together and if you're not doing better, and we're not doing better than we have to find a different way, K. Causing chaos for the right reason is one of the most noble pursuits we have. Be radical, be different. I mean, beyond a pocket apologetically mold.

[00:28:09] spk_1: I love it. And I think that's a fantastic way to end this. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of unapologetically bold. I'm not sorry for If this touch shoot anyway, please like and subscribe and share with your friends as we continue the message of being unapologetically bold, Bobby and hot humans who are humble, open and transparent. See you next time.