The first time I met Method Man
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The first time I met Method Man
July 29, 2021
In this episode, I tell you the story when I first met Method Man.
Have you ever met one of your childhood heroes? And when you did meet this person, it kind of the interaction didn't kind of go down as you thought it might. Well, when I was younger, I shouldn't even say childhood hero is not a childhood hero by any sense, but it was definitely someone that was a celebrity in my world, right? Um and had a lot of influence on how I would behave. 

So this gentleman, his name is Clifford Smith, and if you know anything about the Wu Tang clan, besides that Wu Tang is nothing to fuck with. Um you know that Clifford smith is Method Man from the Wu Tang clan and you probably already knew what this episode is going to be about because I'm going to use Method Man in the title, but there were two times that I've actually met Method Man and each time was a little awkward, but the second time was way more hilarious than the first. In this episode, we are going to cover the first time that I met Method Man and then in a follow up episode you'll have to wait a couple of weeks, I will cover the second time I met Method Man. 

So the first time that I met Method Man, this was in downtown Houston and this was Method Man, he was going to perform at this downtown club and I just happened to come across him and his crew on the, on the street corner. So when I met Method Man actually had a blunt in my shirt pocket and I was like "oh man how cool would it be if I got to smoke with Method Man?" So I went up to him and I introduced myself and this is how Method Man responded, he, it was, it was like just super weird, like yeah, I was just super weird, I actually don't even know how to explain it. But Method Man, he just started rapping to me like it was my own personal concert, right? And now that I think about it is like "damn how many people get their own personal concert from one of their childhood influencers, right?" But it was he was giving my own personal concert. But the thing is it's not something that I expected and I just wanted to talk to him but he just started rapping at me and he's like rapping at me and I'm just standing there like I don't know how to respond because I'm not I'm not a groupie or anything, I'm just like trying to talk to you dude. 

Um, so I was like okay that was cool and then I was like "hey want to smoke?" And then he was like "let's go!". But the thing is I was really young and when you're really young you don't really know how to interpret many situations. And the first part was already an awkward interaction because he's just rapping to me, right? But when he said let's go, he didn't look me in the eyes and said let's go. So it wasn't like come on, let's go. Like that's not how it felt right. He actually looked at one of his friends and he said let's go. So to me, I was like okay, like I guess he doesn't want to hang out and then he was like let's go. They all started walking. You know, I wasn't really sure if I should follow or not and I didn't want to risk the risk of embarrassment by going up to the door for wherever they were going and being denied entry, right? So I didn't follow. They were just like let's go. It was like him and I can't remember how many people what it was like a mob of people, I would say like five people in his crew and then they went into the building and that was it. 

So, um, I didn't get a chance to smoke with Method Man, but I did get my own personal concert with Method Man and this was the first time that I met Method Man. And the second time that I met Method Man is even more interesting and now that I'm actually saying this podcast episode, there's been two different times where I've met Scarface from the Ghetto Boys. So Scarface, he's actually funny enough, he's actually a politician, was trying to be a politician in Houston now. But Scarface. Um, the first time that I came across Scarface in Houston was also in downtown Houston and Scarface was standing there to downtown street corner, like how amazing that you could just meet people on street corners. Um, but while Scarface was there, Sam Cassell also showed up. Sam Sassell was a Houston rocket, and so I got to meet both Scarface and Sam Cassell at that time, and that was the first time that I met Scarface. 

The second time that I met, Scarface was actually at another club. And Scarface is like just a really cool person, he just acts like a regular person so you can walk up to him and he'll actually talk to you, right? He'll talk to you, and the way that he talked to you talk to you, like he's your older brother, like it's just amazing and he is like Houston's older brother, but he just like a real down to earth person that you can tell that he really cares about people, you know? So in terms of caring about people, um you probably make a good politician, probably not the life for him, but he did try to run for politics. But yeah, that was the 1st and 2nd time that I met scarface and I guess you will have to listen on for the second time that I met Method Man, because this is an even crazier story and it's super hilarious. All right, I will see you in that episode. This is Robin Copernicus boom bam, I'm out.