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98. Meet DAVID BOSLEY - MASTER Connector in the Cycling & Fitness World
July 19, 2021
In this episode, you will learn about: David is a MASTER CONNECTOR in the Cycling & Fitness world and loves helping out less fortunate cycling teams with cycling gear and training material.

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Aged 42 David won his first County Athletics medal, alongside Alex, who by this time was a strong athlete.  Then inspired by the 2012 Olympics, and in particular the performance of Team GB in cycling, they both began to transition to cycling, only fully switching across in 2015.  In 2016, Alex reached number 12 in the National Rankings, David found that cycling was a lot more competitive than athletics for his age group - whilst he’d been ranked 30th nationally for his age group in athletics, he was nowhere near this in cycling, however, both father and son were hooked for life!
Now aged 50, David is still getting started in competitive cycling, hoping to get a promotion to Cat 3 this year, whilst Alex has competed at the top international level and is hopefully en route to a pro career.  Along the way, out of interest and to better support his son, David has acquired qualifications as a Cycle Coach, Personal Trainer, and Athletics coach, as well as becoming Track Certified for Indoor Velodrome racing, which he also dabbled in, rather than getting bored watching Alex!
Apart from his own cycling/ training, and supporting his son, in his spare time David has supported the Flames Cycling team, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, helping them gain sponsorship and training.
Recently David decided to transition into the fitness industry full time, acquiring a franchise of Be Military Fit, Europe’s premier outdoor fitness operator, to share his passion for health, fitness, and functional outdoor exercise.

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