When first starting a business the only person rooting for you will be you
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When first starting a business the only person rooting for you will be you
July 18, 2021
In this episode, we talk about protecting ourselves from other people's ego.
When you first start your business or any kind of venture, especially if it's innovative and it's something new, you are going to have a lot of naysayers around you that try to talk you out of what you're doing. And these naysayers, they may put up a front where they care about you and they're genuinely interested about what you're doing. But the thing is, if they haven't been, where you are trying to go, then they don't know any kind of advice that they're giving you is based off of nothing because they haven't been there, right? 

What's happening in their head is there are a few things. One, yes, they probably do care about you and they want to protect you from any scams or anything like that, or any kind of ideas that might end up hurting you in the long run. But the bigger thing that's happening in their heads is their ego is getting in their way of allowing other people to progress. And what I mean by this is your friends and family members who haven't been where you're trying to go. They will look at what you're trying to do and they'll say, okay, this guy is just wasting his time. If it were easy to achieve these dreams that this person is going for, then everyone would be doing it, and if it was easy then I would be doing it and I would be achieving these dreams as well. This is how people are thinking right. 

They have a difficult time believing that other people will do better than they could because if people are out there making moves, then it's really going to put into question why they're not making the same moves, right? And they're going to think for themselves that, okay, well, if I can do it, then guess what no one else can do it. And here's the thing, even if you spend all this time explaining exactly what you're doing and you execute your plan, you know perfectly dotting all the I's and crossing all the teas and it's a perfectly executed plan. They are still going to come up with reasons on why you got lucky and they're going to say no you just got lucky. It's not really because of your skillset, because again, their egos letting their or their egos that in your their ego is letting your progress kind of get in the way because they're thinking to themselves that okay if I couldn't do it then you couldn't do it. And if you did do it then it's probably because you're lucky and they're just gonna discount you anyway. 

So what happens is if you spend a lot of time trying to make these people happy and trying to explain what you're doing your thought process and you might not even know what this other person is thinking on their end. You know, you might be like happily explaining things thinking that this other person is genuinely interested in you when really they're just finding they're just looking for ways to make themselves feel better and say, okay, this is how this guy got lucky and this is why it's okay that I'm not making any progress and this other person is making progress. So if you're starting any kind of business or venture, just know that you're going to have these people around you when you first started, the only person that's rooting for you is going to be you. No question. 

So if the only person rooting for you is going to be you, that means you are your own sales team, you are your own marketing team, and save some of that effort for your actual customers and your buyers. So if you're going to explain your product, explain it to the right people don't explain it to these Naysayers who were really just asking you questions to make themselves feel better because they haven't been able to get to where you're trying to go. They haven't even tried, right. And the fact the mere fact that you're trying is making them feel a little shame. 

So I hope this helps. Next time someone is questioning your ideas and your plans and what you're trying to do, just take it with a grain of salt. Don't feel like you have to please these people because you don't. Just keep doing what you're doing and focus your attention in the right spaces, which is delivering value to your audience and not trying to make your family and friends, your family members or your friends who don't believe in you, trying to make them happy of This helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom, bam. I'm out.

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