How to address the elephant in the room when pitching your offer
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How to address the elephant in the room when pitching your offer
May 28, 2021
In this episode, we talk about how to get rid of the elephants in the room when making business with your customers.
How do you address the elephant in the room? And for our international listeners who might not be familiar with the idiom "the elephant in the room", what that means is there is a glaringly obvious problem, issue, or topic that everyone notices, but no one is willing to speak up about because it might be awkward or it might lead to hurt feelings. Or it could be any other reason, maybe it's an embarrassment, etcetera. 

But there's this elephant in the room, it's a glaringly obvious issue concerns or topic and it needs to be addressed because if you don't address it, these elephants, all they do is, they just pile up and they will make your customers not want to do business with you until those elephants are gone. So how do we get rid of those elephants? And at the end of this episode, you're gonna learn exactly how to do that, how to make people buy into your offer despite all these different miss cummings that you might have, or shortcomings that you might have. So this is how you do it. 

The first step is to create an accusation audit. This accusation audit tool is something that I learned from the book  Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. And in his book, Chris suggests that you write down every single negative thing that someone can say about you, your product, your service, your offer, your brand, just write it all down, write down every single thing. It's a scary proposition. But this is very important because people are thinking it, even if they don't mention it to you, they are thinking it. So it would be your view to actually create an inventory of these things and have a legitimate answer for you to be able to address this elephant in the room. 

So the first step, you do this accusation audit and then after you do the accusation on it, there's one extra step if you really want to make a robust audit is you have to be getting in front of as many people with your offer as possible because the more people you get in front of the more of a chance you'll have in hearing these objections and hesitations and etcetera. Sometimes they might not be, they might not say it out loud, but a lot of people will sometimes actually share that with you and then when they do share that with you, that goes in the accusation audit. 

So how do you get in front of a bunch of people. Well Russell Brunson who is a direct response marketers, he's also the ceo of click funnels or one of the founders of click funnels. He has a couple of books out. One of them is called dot com Secrets, where he teaches you how to build sales funnels and Russell Brunson, his entire selling technique is through webinars. And what he suggests is to do a webinar every single day and to do this webinar live. So what are the benefits you get from doing this live webinar, Well, you've probably already guessed it is that you're going to get in front of as many people as you can, and you're going to start hearing all these different accusations and you will be able to create a more robust accusation audit. 

So this is something that's been personally working for me because I've been doing a Clubhouse talk around three times a week minimum and every single time I think that I have heard all the questions and 90% of the time I will have heard all the questions, but there will be this one person that will have a different perspective and they'll ask me a question that I don't even think about and to me this is gold, right? Because this is a brand new question. And what my plan is is to add this to my accusation audit and work this into my pitch, into my messaging in a way that it knocks down these objections and this question or this elephant in the room is no longer something to be worried about. 

So we first talked about the accusation audit, then we talked about getting as much repetition as possible by getting in front of as many people as possible. So you can hear these objections and all these elephants that are piling up, then the final step. And this is the important step is to take that elephant and turn it into a superhero. So we have these elephants in the room, you're not gonna be able to make them disappear. But what you can do is turn them into superheroes and now you have a room full of superhero elephants that will probably help you convert the sales. So how do you do that? What do I mean by that? What do I mean by turning these elephants into a superhero? 

Okay, So what I mean is any time that you have a weakness? Your job is to turn that weakness into a strength. So I'll give you an example, let's say that you have a factory for fidget spinners and your factory can produce one fidget spinner each week, while competitors, they're producing one fidget spinner each day. So you're only doing one if it has been a week and others are doing one if it's it's been a day. So the big elephant in the room is, why is your production time so slow? If I order from you and your company, it's gonna take a week for you to manufacture my, my widget and then I don't know what the shipping processes, etcetera. Why am I gonna wait that long when I can go to this other competing company and get my fish has been there in a day. Right? So this is how you do it. 

You take that weakness and you think about all the different parts in your process that actually make that process a good thing. So you want to make slow production times a good thing. So how do you do that? So one of the things that you might want to do is you might be a lot more transparent with your process to your customers and you might say other companies, and you address it head-on, other companies what they're doing is they are creating a vicious dinner, 11 fidget spinner each day. But what happens is for those other companies, they have lower quality control checks. They're moving way too fast to the system. And what ends up happening is a lot of customers are unsatisfied because they get a fidget spinner that isn't up to their standards and sometimes they have to return it and it usually takes longer than a week just to go through that entire process. Our process, however, is a week-long, and here's why it's a week-long. We use these machines which ensured this type of quality, we use this type of quality assurance checks which obviously assure this type of quality. 

So you just kind of go into all these different processes and turn that weakness, you're slow production cycle, into a strength. And you're like, we are slow because this is where our strength comes from. So that's how you do it. That's how you turn an elephant into a superhero. And once you have a room full of superheroes, it's gonna be so much easier for you to convert. You're gonna be able to address these concerns head-on and you're doing it in a way that actually makes you, your product, your brand, your service look much better. I hope that helps. That's how you turn an elephant into a superhero. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam, I'm out. 

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