Your Life By Design
Are You in the Present?
November 12, 2018
“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” – Charles Darwin, The Life & Letters of Charles Darwin Are you truly present in your life? The answer to this question has serious consequences for your future.
Regardless of how far back you would bother to look into history, you will discover that individuals who were into Life Design had one major thing in common: they understood precisely what they were getting into. From Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs they had a destination in mind. 
All of them knew precisely what it could be like, everything that Life Design for greater returns involved, along with everything that was required of them to accomplish their main objective. When you perceive precisely what it takes to manage your resources for greater productivity, there would be no stopping you!
So then, what exactly do we know? Your Life Design for better results definitely needs you to be focussed, relentless, along with being enlightened. Now we can move on to precisely what you actually need to do to make it happen.
Congratulations for being the type of person that gets going. You are still here. 
Always remember that building in buffer time for the unexpected will ensure you will nearly always get things done. If you begin by keeping that in mind you can rise to the challenge. Let's move on to priming yourself to remain focussed on the essential priority that makes a difference.
The Internal Domino Effect

The internal domino effect is a single thought that pops up in your mind... that leads to another thought... and another one... and all of a sudden it's an hour later... and you haven't gotten anything done. The internal domino effect can also be a single emotion... that leads to another emotion... and another one.. all of a sudden you're worked up over nothing.

The internal domino effect can also be something physical, like losing your keys... and as you're looking for them you find something else you haven't seen in a while... and that leads to something else... and then you're totally distracted.

Multitasking can trigger your internal domino effect. In fact, many of us are "internal domino effect addicts." We get addicted to the stress chemicals that get released when we're distracted and stressed out chasing our dominoes around.

When you first notice your dominoes, it's a moment of "Being Present."  It's becoming aware of what's been going on all along. 

To do this, first write down a list of all the dominoes (or triggers) that distract you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Write down 3-4 in each area.

Next, look at the list for the one BIGGEST domino. Then, visualise yourself in the situation right where the domino shows up. See the scene begin to happen, in super slow motion.

Now, do the same visualisation, but this time see yourself "Being Present" just as the domino happens, you take a deep breath, you let it go, and you get back to what you were doing. And you feel good that you maintained your focus.

An exercise that'll help us get "completion" on things in our life.
Parts of our life that are "incomplete" rob us of energy. Maybe you had a fight with someone years ago and you never really resolved it. Or someone ripped you off, and you have lingering resentment. Or you've been halfway done on a project for months.
First, make a list of all the areas of your life where you have a sense of "incompleteness." One page maximum at the most. It should take you less than ten minutes. Next, go through the list and prioritize the ones that are robbing you of the most energy. These are the ones we want to attack first. Either complete them, or let them go consciously. 
Decide it's just not worth it to allow them to rob you of energy any longer. This can be hard, because our ego can get involved. A lot of times, we’d rather serve "justice" on another person rather than get our life and energy back. Weird, I know. Instead, make the conscious decision to either get completion... or "release it to the universe."
Most people can’t sleep because they are obsessing about problems that are not theirs or problems they cannot solve. Very often they go round and round about them because they have trained themselves to problem solve without having a switch off button.

Stressed and Overwhelmed

But stress cannot be eliminated by sleep or a bath. Often people under duress will not be able to identify or sometimes admit the precise reason for their stress, and start feeling the whole world is ganging up on them. 

But pointing fingers at vague and subjective issues  etc.  does not help you in finding solutions. How exactly do you pin point your stressors on your own? 

Just use a simple technique and ask yourself key questions. You can identify your stressors and manage them. 

What are your stress markers?

The following questions will be a good way to identify stressors at work. The list should be enough to begin with. You can add more questions later.  You can pause the audio as you answer the following questions;

·  Do you have enough resources to do your job?
·  Are the job specifications stated in measurable terms for what is expected of you? 
·  Do you have access to a Standard Operating procedure (SOP) manual?
·  Do you have to do everything yourself or do you have help
·  Are you trying to control issues outside your control?
·  Are you trying to please or seek admiration from everyone? 
·  Are you an appreciation seeking addict? 
·  Is somebody's urgency or poor planning an emergency for you?
·  Is your life at the mercy of emails, pagers, other electronic control mechanisms?
·  Are the timeframes and work targets real? 
·  Are you chasing artificial deadlines created by  clueless people? 
·  Are you burning out from chasing unrealistic expectations from everyone around?
·  Are others expecting you to do mind reading and vice versa?
·  Are you financially challenged? Are you spending more than you are earning?
·  Is a corporate rumour about getting fired, downsizing, reorganization, etc., causing stress?
·  Are you taking care of your health and rest properly? 
·  Are you getting your eight hours of calm sleep daily?
·  Do you  or  your family have any known health problems that could trigger stress?
·  Are family problems creating hell at work? Are work problems creating hell at home?
·  Are you needlessly anticipating bad news.
·  Are you working in a badly managed project
·  Having too little, too much or no work can create anxiety about job continuity
·  Do you suck at time management? Are you overcommitted? Can you reduce your load?

The above list is a good way to start figuring out what is stressing you.

Stop Obsessing and Start Doing

So, take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you're worried about, think about, etc. Write for 15 minutes straight... do that now.

Ok - that's a lot of stuff, isn't it?

Next, go through the list and put a checkmark next to everything that is outside your control, and a star next to everything that is in your control. 

Then take all the items with stars, pick the most important ones (no more than 10), transfer them to another list, and put them in priority order. These are the things you care going to work on over the next 8 weeks if you sign up for the online “Freedom Formula” .
After you have prioritised the top 10 items in your “What I can control” list, generate what you need to do to change the situation. You may find that as you generate solutions, there may be certain areas that you have no control over.
List what changes you can make in the “What I can change” category. List the issues that continue to come up under the “What I cannot change” category. 
Whatever you have identified in the
“What I cannot control”
“What I cannot change category”
You can consciously let go of these items in your mind. When you're done, you'll have released the things that are outside your control or not critically important, and you'll have a fresh new list of the most important things that you can control.
Every time you look at Life design for greater productivity as a lifestyle instead of a goal, you may find it easier to adopt the practices that augment your success. The adjustment in your schedule has a bigger purpose beyond realising a single objective. The most dedicated people will see their main objective through. You can become one of these people. If you allow yourself to become enlightened, you find the journey is a stimulating one and good going for taking that first step!
Compulsive Life                                                                             Designed Life

I can control everything                                                                I only focus on what I can control

I can change everything in my life                                              I only focus on what I can change

There are things that I cannot influence                                   I only focus on what I can influence 

I am a spontaneous in how I plan                                              I have routines that help me win every time         


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