Rock Your Retirement Show
Meet Edd and Cynthia! They didn't have enough money for retirement
March 6, 2023
We introduce Edd and Cynthia, who will be coming on the show periodically to give us insights and updates on how to have a great retirement, even if your savings is small.
We are starting a new project with previous guests Edd and Cynthia.

Edd and Cynthia have been traveling the world for the past 13 years, living on their Social Security income. They picked a location with a low cost of living, which is how they are able to afford their lifestyle. During COVID, Ecuador followed the US's lead and was strict about the lockdown. Ed and Cynthia weren't too inconvenienced since they were already living a low-key lifestyle and working online. When they were able to travel, they got tested and flew to the US. To avoid the overhead of an apartment, they decided to travel full-time and stay in private rooms through Airbnb. For longer stays, they will rent an entire apartment. They have also visited family and stayed with them for free. This past summer, they spent two and a half months in Europe, visiting Lisbon, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, and London.

Paris and London are expensive for most people, so the authors stayed in the suburbs and used public transportation for their security budget.

They used to live in Ecuador in a 3000 square foot apartment for $600 a month and had a 100% coverage zero deductible health insurance for $82 a month. The inflation rate has been low, they have access to organic foods, and their rent has only gone up by $100. They used credit cards strategically to get bonus points and free flights. They have noticed the difference in food prices in the US and the US is the most expensive place to buy food.

They plan to travel until they tire of it, but they may not return to the US due to insufficient social security income and the stressful North American culture. They have become Goldilocks people, like Ecuador's moderate climate and dislike the hot and humid weather of South Carolina and Charleston.

Our retiree-in-residence couple has been traveling for the past decade and is currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been to Ecuador and Colombia previously, and they discuss the various microclimates in Ecuador and how they had to consider their grandchildren when they decided to move. They mention Mexico as a potential place to move to, and they talk about how they scout possible places to stay longer, and they blog about their travels as well as offer a course on how to move out of the country.

They explain Geo-Arbitrage, which is moving from one place to another that is cheaper, and they mention Argentina being a 50% off sale due to their currency not doing well against the US dollar. They encourage the listener to check out their website,, for more information on moving out of the country.

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