Reasons to Start Your Safety Consulting Business Today
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Reasons to Start Your Safety Consulting Business Today
October 5, 2022
Many people have been contacting Sheldon about how to start a safety consulting business. This episode gives reasons and tips for starting your own safety consulting business.
[00:00:08] spk_0: this episode is powered by safety FM to the safety consultant. I'm your host, Sheldon Primus, this is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. We talk about ocean compliance and talk about a few other things related to safety and health safety and health management, all kinds of stuff. Right? That's what I'm here for helping you out. So thanks everyone for listening and being there my new day Wednesday. It's actually pretty fun. It actually feels more comfortable right for me right now. And I actually have been doing it early Wednesday morning or like Tuesday because now I get a little bit more information about things that are happening um sometimes related, sometimes just safety and health questions people may have had. So it's actually giving me a little bit more time to get some material in for you guys. So today is just a short one. I really want to just get you thinking, I've been hearing a lot about people who they've been asking me in different facebook groups or linkedin or something. That's the question. That's always been uh how do I get started? And I was like, yes, I definitely could do that. And I've got the book seven steps and starting a profitable safety business, safety consulting business and then the course where you can get a safety consultant blueprint dot com and then also the tv product. So you have a safety consultant dot tv. So maybe I'll answer the question. But the the thing is that I keep thinking is there's a move again for people to getting stirred to get and be their own boss. So it was, you know, deep down a lot in the pandemic obviously. So I seem like right now is the time. So if you've been thinking about starting your own safety consulting business now, it's truly the time, especially with countries that are seeing regulations for the U. S. It's a perfect time for us because of the nuance that OSHA has with Republican versus democrat in office. So now that there's a democrat in office, OSHA traditionally will go to more compliance enforcement and there will also be some more standards and everything else that are expected during uh the time period that there is a democratic office. So what that trickles out to is people are gonna need help with compliance. If you have specialty and skill on certain compliance issues, that skill will be in demand. That is a way for you to start doing your own business. You can start now today by going to your organization in your country that is responsible for opening business for the U. S. Is the States. You go to your state and you're going to go into your state. Uh, I believe it's the Secretary of State office is what is going to end up being, but your business licenses and everything is pretty much where you're looking for. You want to look up search in florida sunbiz dot org and you just want to see if there's anyone with your business name. If not then you could go ahead and get your business started. Don't quit your job. Just get it started, get those dates, you want to start date as early as possible. So when you're ready to go full time, maybe 23 years from now. But your start date will say your company was started in 2022. So that's what you're looking for. So you want to get that in because we're getting close to the end of the year. So you want to make sure that you're gonna get that 2022 stamp on there for that. Born on date for your business. But it is a lot of drivers right now, especially coming out of pandemic and everyone was able to see the safety and health field uh there are some people who are thinking differently because of pandemic and and us we're declaring that we're out of it here. But Uh the thinking that's different is some people who have been off of the regular 9-5 schedule and doing things in kind of gig economy way. They like it, they like that freedom, you know like me, I'm a full time RV so you guys know I love the freedom, I love to travel, I love to be around places and in those cases the work that I'm doing is affording me the ability to do that. So there's a lot of people who are getting into that mindset. So right now I'm seeing and I'm being asked the question of how do I get started? I'm telling you if you haven't asked yourself that question or you're scared to ask yourself that question definitely ask, how can I get started? How can I make the path to be my own boss? So it's still not too late for that. It's actually a wonderful time for that. So if you're gonna do it now, is the time start with baby steps, get your business set up first and then your next step is going to be talking to friends and family that you know, that can help you with your business people that either own business influencers to a business and they may need safety and health compliance. Start by offering them free training or start by saying do a free training and while I'm here I'll review your safety and health manual. If they don't have one, then you offer that as a service. If they do have one and there's deficiencies, offer the update as a service and the easiest way to get started training class. Then while you're there, check out their written programs and get the next one as for a referral and that's gonna help you. But you can do that on your days off and vacations and everything else. But today you're gonna take advantage of the climate and start your business right now it's a working where you're working. If you're not working, then start your business with as much money as you can get and not going to spend it on anything but getting yourself legal business license and insurance and those two things. Now we'll get you a legal now you do the same thing. Working with friends and family, angle people that you may have worked with before that, you know, may need some safety and health training or compliance assistance And if not ask, hey, you need a trainer, you need some compliance help and then you offer your service. So you're gonna have to get out of your shell a little. If you're the type of person that doesn't want to talk. But if you are then go ahead and chat it up with everybody, make sure you listen to them so that you know what their needs are. But then if there is a need that you could fill then go ahead. Don't be shy, offer your services. All right, so that is the quick one for today. I really feel like you guys are been giving me a whole bunch of good feedback and I really feel like if you have not had a chance to really feel that this is the week, go ahead and give the show itunes or any service that you're listening to me historically and traditionally it looks like more subscribe. So hit the subscribe button so you can get notifications whenever a new show comes out. I'm gonna keep it on Wednesdays. What you're also gonna need. What that's gonna provide is if I do a special episode or something, you'll get notified when it comes out. So those two things will be great. If you're gonna start your business, go to safety consultant that blueprint dot com. You can go ahead and get the course. Their safety consulting consultant. Excuse me. Safety consultant blueprint dot com. Of course. Alright. Everyone have a wonderful rest of the week. This episode has been powered by safety. FM.

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