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220. What Kind of BEHIND THE SCENES Support Does it TAKE to Become a PRO TOUR CYCLIST? Meet Bre Vine. Jay Vine's Wife
April 27, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about: As we idolize the PRO TOUR Cyclists, do we really know what it takes to BECOME and reach PRO status? Learn about all the behind-the-scenes support it takes from the partners of Pro cycling Jay Vine as we speak with his amazing wife Bre Vine.

BRE Vine

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Bre is an Australian Cyclist that lives as an ex-pat in the beautiful small country of Andorra. Bre used to compete at the domestic level in real life, and the World level at Zwift, and competed in the Zwift World Championships for the second year in a row.

 You may have heard of Bre’s husband, Jay vine who is an Australian professional racing cyclist, who currently rides for UCI ProTeam Alpecin–Fenix, and came to the professional racing scene via winning the Zwift Academy. 

The young couple has earnt the hearts of cycling fans across the world with their commitment and approach to earning Jay’s place in the world tour peloton. With Covid 19 and Australia's racing scene being so secluded from the European cycling market, the pair took to unconventional ways for Jay to become a professional. 

Bre is a keen cyclist herself and doesn't shy away from a big training schedule, and between being a 24/7 Soigneur for her husband, she shares a lot of her experiences on social media and shows the behind-the-scenes that you wouldn’t typically see.


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