Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Momma Celestia in the Leather Life
February 25, 2022
We discuss the life of a leather family called the House of Kinky Misfits with the head of the household, Momma Celestia and one of the house slaves Slave Valkyrie, We discuss the lessons, the makeup and the unique situation when a leather family and traditional family live together as one.
Momma Celestia is a Cis-Female, Neurodivergent, M-type that uses She/her/they pronouns in the Leather Community with over a decade of experience. She is the Head of the House of Kinky Misfits. Momma Celestia has served the Austin, TX community when she was a slave and now as a M-type she serves her NY and beyond community in various ways from book clubs to MAsT chapter director, presenting on Leather Households, blogging, and being an admin to Lifestyle groups on FB. She is an advocate for mental health and wellness within the community and in her House. When she is not in the public eye she enjoys living a blessed life with her two children, sacred spouse and the Household they have built together. Slave Valkyrie is a cis-female, neurodivergent slave that uses she/her/they pronouns and identifies a skillet sexual. She has been serving the Leather community for over 30 years in various areas from podcasts, tik tok, moderating Lifestyle groups on FB, mentoring and more. Slave Valkyrie is the Captain slave of the House of Kinky Misfits and is all about sibling growth, team building, and making the constellation of siblings shine along side her for the betterment of themselves and the House.When slave is not in the public eye she honors Odin by singing nordic songs to her Owners youngest child,  and enjoys the role of nanny and being at her Owner’s feet.