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MTO Helps You Achieve Your Goals
January 31, 2024
Most goals we write are binary. Which means we either do them or we don't. When we achieve them, we feel good, if we don't achieve them, we feel bad. There are a variety of reasons we may not achieve the goals we set out to. What if there was a foolproof way to continue to make progress toward your goals that keeps you feeling good? There is! It’s MTO!
Raymond Aaron coined the term, which means Minimum, Target and Outrageous. Peggy gives examples of how this looks for different types of goals.  She also shares her tweak to the meaning of MTO for goal achievement--Minimum, Target and Optimal.

Either way  just achieving the minimum, you will feel good and create motivation, momentum and confidence to stretch yourself to continue to achieve your target, or maybe even your optimal or outrageous goals!

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