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How to Leverage Customer Feedback for Business Growth
January 17, 2023
Join Tray Brunner from Bamboo Avenue as he shares how customer feedback has helped him scale his DTC brand. Learn how to leverage customer feedback to inform product and marketing decisions, diversify products and marketing channels, use surveys and TikTok organic to get more feedback, and expand a US-only online business into retail.
Tray Brunner joined the podcast to discuss how customer feedback has helped him scale Bamboo Avenue, his DTC brand. Tray graduated college four years ago and got a job at Facebook, inspiring him to start his own business. To get customers clicking at Bamboo Avenue, Tray sends out Typeform surveys to learn why people are or aren't buying their products as well as how they are using them.

This podcast conversation discussed the use of blast surveys to gather feedback from customers and how Van Buaaf used this information to pivot their marketing strategy from swimwear to athleisure and everyday clothing. The speaker also discussed how the company communicates with customers and why they love their product for its comfort and versatility, particularly for pickleball players.

They receive 1000-2000 responses from surveys sent out to customers which are read through thoroughly in order to create new products that meet customer requirements. This conversation focuses on the importance of customer feedback for a brand's growth. This podcast conversation focused on leveraging customer feedback to inform product and marketing decisions.

The speakers discussed the importance of responding to customer comments, diversifying their products and marketing channels in 2023, and using surveys and TikTok organic to get more feedback. They also discussed the opportunity for two brands to acquire free eyeballs and customers through social media, paid social media, ambassadors, affiliates, surveys, and TikTok.

Lastly, they discussed the expansion of a US-only online business into retail in a smaller scale in the US with potential pop up shops. Tray Brunner from Bamboo Av shared how they found out that people were using their shorts for everyday use such as going to the gym or walking the dog which opened up a wider potential market.

He also recommended Blip as a marketing tool that connects to Shopify, Klaviyo and Google Analytics for data analysis. Tray encouraged listeners to build relationships with customers in order to get valuable feedback for business growth by getting a couple of thousand responses per survey or 10 customers on a call every week.