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TGN Presents: Celebrating TNAA’s 25th Anniversary. It’s all About the Journey!
May 4, 2024
This episode was originally recorded live on Join TNAA as we explore how our Core Values align with the thrill of travel. Discover how integrity, excellence, and collaboration shape our adventures. We'll toast to these values, highlighting their importance in travel and TNAA's benefits like support, growth opportunities, and community. Celebrate the essence of travel with TNAA. Cheers to the journey!
This episode was originally recorded live on

Get ready to raise a glass and celebrate with TNAA as we explore how our Core Values perfectly align with the exhilarating world of travel. Our celebration isn’t just about having a good time; it’s an opportunity to discover how our commitment to integrity, excellence, and collaboration mirrors the very essence of what makes traveling so captivating.

Picture this: a sophisticated soirée where each Core Value serves as a beacon guiding us through the intricacies of the travel experience. As we mingle and toast to these values, we’ll uncover how they embody the spirit of adventure, the pursuit of excellence, and the importance of forging meaningful connections on the road.

But let’s not forget about the perks! For both current and future travelers, TNAA offers a wealth of benefits that elevate the travel experience to new heights. From unparalleled support and resources to exciting growth opportunities and access to a vibrant community of like-minded explorers, our travelers are equipped with everything they need to make their journeys truly unforgettable.

So, don your finest attire and join us as we celebrate TNAA’s Core Values in a manner that’s both fun and professional. Let’s raise a toast to the adventures that lie ahead and the incredible experiences that await us on the road less traveled. Cheers to the journey with TNAA!


Bethany Fields:

Bethany is a Sr Director at TNAA with 10 years of Healthcare Staffing experience! She has a passion for authenticity, connection, and diversity.  Bethany works with recruiters of various tenures to help them leverage their experience and passion to translate directly to their clients-our clinicians! In her personal life she loves hiking, her family, and traveling. She hopes to make a difference in the industry and always create space for people next to her to chase their dreams! 

Gena Deaton:

With more than 19 years of experience in healthcare recruiting, Gena is committed to finding the best assignments for her travelers. She knows the industry inside and out and uses her expertise to guide travel nurses through the ups and downs and mentor new TNAA recruiters. Outside of work, you’ll likely find Gena traveling with her family and best girlfriends. She resides in Cincinnati, OH.

Corrine Ross:

Corrine is a Director of Allied here at TNAA. She has over 6 years in the healthcare staffing industry. She has a passion for human individuals and helping everyone to be successful in any role they are in. Corrine is driving the growth and talent of the Allied division She is working to develop the Allied brand at TNAA and share our excitement throughout the travel professions. On her off days, she loves spending time with her children and husband. She enjoys CrossFit, fishing, and day adventures! She consistently works to make an impact on the communities that are in need and helping to develop those around her.

About TNAA:

Travel Nurse Across America Setting the Standard in Service! At Travel Nurse Across America, we take pride in doing things differently. We place our nurses on high-paying jobs in exciting locations across the country, but it’s our service before, during, and after your assignment that sets us apart. Our dedicated, supportive staff understands how stressful preparing for a travel nursing job can be, and that’s why we put our experience to work for you to remove the headaches and send you smoothly on your way. Across our recruiting, clinical, quality assurance, payroll, and housing teams, we promise to go out of our way to offer you an exceptional customer service experience. Let Us Show You the Difference Our Service Can Make!