My ego wants to lash out and hurt you when I feel threatened
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My ego wants to lash out and hurt you when I feel threatened
August 9, 2021
In this episode, I tell this ego story and how it made me act in unexpected way.
You know the ego is a funny thing and I'm gonna share a story today on how my ego has gotten the best of me and I acted in ways where on reflection, I really have to wonder why I was behaving like that. 

So this is Intel. Um I am dating this one woman from Cancun and she comes to visit me and she brings one of her friends with her and her friend was pretty cute and the girl that I'm dating, she is bisexual, so she's actually into both of us, she's entire friend and to me and we kind of talked about a little bit and on deciding on having a little fun evening um together for all three of us um for those that don't get it, we're talking about a three some. 

So we go out onto the beach and they are just getting drunk and we're all having a good time, this is at a beach club, we were all making out with each other and that other friend that my date brought with her um by the end of the night, she was actually going around kissing like everybody, everybody. And there was this one guy in particular, like we were about to go and I caught them making out and when I saw that I felt a little threatened, right? Because I was like, fuck this guy is going, going to ruin this experience that I'm about to have, and that kind of made me feel threatened. 

But this guy, you know, he had this huge smile on his face and he was having a good time and after they got done making out, I walked away with both the girls and I basically just said this to the other guy and I was like "yeah, I'm about to go fuck them both." And after I did that I was like "what did I just do, Why did I do that?" Why did I have this need to kill this other guy's fire? Like he was happy and me not saying anything at all would have allowed him to keep that happiness. But for some reason My Ego got in the way I felt threatened and I see this experience as a point of weakness for sure, 100%. But I got I got threatened and I made this comment that was totally unnecessary. And now that I look back, I wish I had not made a comment like that. 

And I really have to think about "what made me feel that way? What made me think that way?" And I'm not going to say that I figured it out. And you know, here's a here's a take away that you could use because I am still kind of learning, but I think I will use this experience and use this story. 

So next time I'm in the situation where there is someone that is having a great time and if I feel threatened, like where I might have the need to kill this person's fire to just kind of stopped myself and figure out what's going on in my head, why am I doing this? And instead, maybe instead of killing the skies fire, how can I increase this person's fire? Right, so it's a work in progress. I'm a work in progress as you wanted to share this ego story, how ego got to the best of me and made me act in ways that are weak, plain and simple. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out.
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