PublishHer Podcast
Collaboration in Book Marketing with Pam Sheppard {ep. 106}
September 22, 2023
Alexa Bigwarfe had the chance to sit down face to face with Pam Sheppard, Auntie Pam as we call her in the WIP Summit Community, to discuss a range of topics, including literary citizenship, collaboration, and the importance of engagement in the marketplace when marketing your book.
Do you want to maximize your book's visibility and engagement in the marketplace? Are you looking for a solution to effectively position your book for success? Look no further! Join us as we welcome guest, Pam Sheppard, who will be sharing her expertise on how to achieve greater recognition and reader engagement for your indie book. Get ready to discover the key strategies that will help you attain the desired outcome of increased visibility and engagement for your book.

In this episode, we discuss:


Pam Sheppard

Pam Sheppard shares her unique skill sets and insight developed in over 35 years in Sales and Marketing for Big 5 publishers and other fine publishers for her work as publishing consultant, metadata analyst, and developmental editor. As a marketing consultant, she uses an instinct for positioning a project in an ever-changing market to align the trends with a project's potential to support and maximize marketing efforts. With her 'Street Smart Edits' she not only addresses structural issues in manuscripts of many genres, she also identifies the assets of the work that will anchor a strong marketing plan.

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