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Adah Vonn: Building Community through the Backlash
November 21, 2023
Miss Adah Vonn has been a professional domme in the Hudson Valley and has built her Less Dead Studio to be home for her beautiful one on one meetings but a hub for the community as well. You would think the gift to the community would be enough, but as we will find out, some feel that some pros are somehow not welcome within the lifestyle. We talk about this and other important issues in this compelling episode.
Who I Am
Born on the vernal equinox, I am a powerful force of nature as both Woman and fetish Mistress. An extensive background in theatre has honed my natural presence and brings a dynamic flow to my scenes. Sensual and versatile, this German Jewess has high standards and accepts no nonsense. 

What I Do

I hold space for people to be vulnerable and explore desires or curiosities they likely do not reveal to the world at large. I give fellow adventurers judgment-free, safety- and psych-informed opportunities to allow their deeper selves time at the surface.

Here is the post from Fet we addressed in the episode
I experience anti-sex worker discrimination all too often in kink spaces. Many lifestylers seem to take pride in the fact that they don't pay for BDSM interactions and use this as an excuse to talk down to and about professional providers. My dungeon's name, "Less Dead," is in reference to a law enforcement term excusing lack of attention given to crimes committed against sex workers and other minorities. Stigma kills. Pro Dom/mes, subs, and industry workers provide wonderful resources for the community, both on individual and larger levels. You don't get to take advantage of what their hard work has created while disparaging them. You don't get to attend events in my space while giving side-eye to the career that built it. You don't get to stand under the Less Dead banner while pushing harmful narratives and shit-talking the lives of those it stands for. Check your prejudice. Sex workers deserve community and spaces free from intolerant, holier-than-thou nonsense. You are NOT welcome in my dungeon if you disagree.
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