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Data Driven SEO with Victor Karpenko of SeoProfy
September 20, 2023
Victor Karpenko is an affiliate and an SEO expert who owns SeoProfy. He shares a few SEO case studies and another look at how he uses data to make better and fastest decisions for running his sites and working with SEO clients. I'll share a story within this episode that should inspire people to think differently about SEO. Take a vacuum cleaner that is high quality but costs $12,000. Nobody is looking for a vacuum cleaner that expensive but maybe you'll find people looking for 'how to start a car detailing business' in which you tell them this vacuum cleaner is the best and needed and you'll be able to make money in no time including getting financing for your business. Victor advocates that everything is about intent and that is reflected down to your content as well as your design.
You can connect with Victor Karpenko on LinkedIn.

His SEO agency is SeoProfy and his SEO link tool is