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#152: From Bankrupt And 1,000 Days Left To Live → Surviving & Building A Business Helping Hundreds Of Thousands Of People To Live Healthier Lives w/ Ian Clark
September 12, 2023
At 46, Ian Clark was bankrupt and given 1,000 days left to live. 5 years later, Ian not only survived… but took what he learned to build a raw supplement business in his basement with his wife and seven children. Today, Ian’s products have been consumed by hundreds of thousands of people, and he’s on a mission to help 10,000,000 people change their lives… In this episode, you’ll learn: 1. The 3 fundamental keys that Ian has unlocked to help anyone live a healthier life 2. How Ian’s first ever product literally started in his basement with him and his seven kids bottling phytoplankton 3. Why you can’t always trust labels on your products (and what companies may be giving you instead of what they actually say) To learn more about Ian, visit