Rock Your Retirement Show
Unretire Yourself – Episode 191
September 9, 2019
This is the last episode of this 4-part series podcast, and today we will talk about the Unretirement. You won't find this word inside a dictionary, but the question is why should you a retiree who have worked for many years, consider to unretire yourself? In the first episode of this series, we talked about why it is important to Rightsize Our Homes. The second part talked about the value of owning a second home, while in the last episode we have dwell into why it is the right time to feel contentment in life as we approach our golden years. These days, many workers who have retired are coming back into the fold. Your life doesn't end at 65 years of age, That is why older workers unretire because many of us derive work as our sense of purpose. People are living longer and because of that they are healthy enough to take on another job that can give them a sense of fulfillment in their career. Partial Retirement / Semi-Retirement Kathy Gottberg loves to write. Even though she can already afford to retire, she still does what she loves because it keeps her brain very sharp, teaches her new skills, new technology, which is like learning a new language. The whole way we look at retirement and work could use a revision. What happens is that so many people have been working at jobs they don’t like. “Over 50 percent of people think that their job is unpleasant or hazardous.” No wonder people want to retire and get away from that. But if you work to find a job you liked, that you felt rewarded in, that you were productive and creative, and did something that excited both your mind and your heart, then you don’t need to get away from it. Instead of working for 40 years, hoping to eventually someday to retire so that one day you can sit on an island somewhere, how about all that 40 years you kind of work your way towards finding a work with purpose, meaning, happiness, and contentment? The younger generation does not like the fact that baby boomers are continuing to work. A lot of the younger generation thinks we are taking something from them. Some occupations have a little competition in them. Younger workers are struggling to find both the jobs and the pay that they want to live and exist. From Retire to Unretire Retirement as we know it is relatively in the span of human life, a very tiny blip. It’s only been within a certain amount, not even a hundred years that retirement was a possibility. Until then, when you retire, you had to because you just literally could not work. Somewhere along the line they want to move the older people out and give them a little something to look forward to. That's when retirement was brought up. We’ll give them a golden watch and a little money, and maybe they’ll just go away. That is why Social Security came along and tried to ease that. The mindset that when you get older, you should just go to a retirement village, park yourself, and just play golf all day is like an outdated mode for our generation, your generation, and the generations to come. With these many people that are getting older, maybe it’s time to rethink of ourselves as still productive with someth...