Nutrition Heretic
Think You Wash with Soap? Think Again! Guest Heretic Dana Christensen Cleans Up and Tells Us How To Make Our Own
May 12, 2016
Did you know that the stuff you clean your body with may not be soap? It’s true! But there’s a solution. Our special Guest Heretic Dana Christensen of Big Island Soap Company not only has it, but tells you how to do it yourself. Many health enthusiasts will tell you not to put anything on your body you wouldn’t put IN your body. Others will tell you that liquid soap is better than bar soap.  What actually is soap?  How does it differ from beauty bars? And why can't you find out what the ingredients are in store-bought soap? In this episode you'll discover what goes into the soap making process, three ways to make soap, and what to do with the little end-of-the-bar pieces. Adrienne and Dana talk about using tallow in soap in addition to other emollients, when to add essential oils to the process, how to mold and cut soap, as well as how to to rebatch soap so that none is wasted. Dana has promised to share a recipe with you, and Adrienne is going to hold her to it, even if she has to collect it in person!  So check back for an update on the recipe and you'll soon be making your own.