Nutrition Heretic
How to Cure Fibromyalgia; Leah McCullough - The Fibro Lady, author of Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery
October 20, 2016
Do you routinely wake up from 12 or more hours of sleep and feel totally exhausted? Does it ever take you weeks to recover from light exercise? Our Guest Heretic Leah McCullough spent a decade with all that plus numbing flu-like pain that eventually left her bed-ridden for 6 years. Then she met a practitioner who introduced her to specific forms of popular supplements which enabled her to make a Healing Quantum Leap, so that she could get out of bed and start living her life. Find out the exact steps she took to go from being unable to keep house because of debilitating fatigue to running marathons in this episode.