Get Real About Business Podcast
#1.57: How to Succeed in Business When Others Say You Can't with Brad Burton
January 15, 2020
UK's #1 Motivational Speaker, Brad Burton talks about what it takes to be successful in business even if you start out broke and everyone around you thinks you'll never make it.

When successful author, entrepreneur and UK's #1 Motivational Speaker Brad Burton agreed to appear on the Get Real About Business Podcast I knew exactly what I wanted to ask him.

Brad, if you don't know him, has had a very interesting story. He grew up in Manchester and financed his first business by delivering pizzas at £5.90 cash in hand.

Since then he has built one of UK's largest and most successful networking organisations, 4Networking, written four books and built a solid reputation as one of the top speakers worldwide.

As Brad will tell you, his journey was far from easy. Most of the people around Brad told him he'd never build a successful business. He had money trouble. He even had a mental health breakdown due to the pressures of starting his business.

My ultimate question then was how the heck did he do it? How do you go from barely paying the bills to fast cars and speaking on stage to thousands?

In today's podcast, I ask Brad:

As you can expect from Brad this is a fast-paced interview chock-full with great advice and inspiration to grow your business.

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