Safety FM with Jay Allen
Demetra Johnson and a message from ACFS
February 21, 2020
Today on The Jay Allen Show, Jay speaks with Demetra Johnson. She talks about her career, how it started, why Waco was the place for her, and how she began to become known as Safe Dee. After the conversation with Demetra, Jay speaks with Josh from Alliance for Central Florida Safety. Josh talks about an event they have coming come called Safety Day 2020. Enjoy it all today on The Jay Allen Show.
this is edited it. This show is brought to you by safety eyes streaming Now on safety FM dot Life Well, hello and welcome to the jail in show. And I am very sure that at this particular moment you were expecting me to say Welcome to safety FM Mini cause it's Friday. So yes, this is a little bit out of the ordinary, but we are doing a special episode today. Friday, February 21st. And I thought that the information was so important that instead of actually doing a mini episode today, we were just going to jump in directly and have a conversation.

 And this is guys like a double episode And why do I say that? Cause we're gonna actually have two people on here. Dimitra Johnson will actually be on here, also known as Safety D. If he kind of been hanging out quite a bit on social media. She's a little bit of everywhere. She has a very extensive background in the safety space, and she is also the CEO of Pro Safety Alliance. So let's get into the conversation with Dimitri Johnson here on the jail in Joe, Are you ready for some torture, That's what That's what I always tell people.  I kind of wanna four. Warned them that way. They knew exactly what they're getting into. Well, yeah. Um what do that? So I have to tell you, I have seen you everywhere online, so of course I was intrigued by what you have going on. And it seems like you're doing a little bit of everything, which that's kind of a fun aspect to be in. So how did the whole thing started for you? How did you How did you start going down this path of that you were interested in, I guess Environmental health and safety.  Yeah, Actually, it happened, really by Fluker by pants. Probably his most safety professionals have a similar story. But after I graduated with my undergrad on anthropology, I thought I was going to be an archaeologist and travel the world. And, you know, that just didn't come to fruition. So I had spent several summers working, sort of an environmental type job, noxious, lean inventory, You know, a lot of state drills, inventory, Did some work with the army, goes the toad. So I kind of had that environmental as a background I sent my resume out hundreds of resumes out at the time, and I got a hit from a mining company that was starting back up and they were looking for an entry level environmental health and safety technician.  So I went to interview, and I just really kind of fell in love with mining and the whole aspect of health and safety and environmental. Quite a bit of my initial, Um, if you want strictly an environmental and I got the opportunity, I always saw the health and safety folks, you know, doing fun, training and being out in the field. And, you know, really, that aspect of it, I really looked. So at that point, I had an opportunity to kind of make a transition into full time helping safety and, yeah, really kind of kind of climbed the ladder ever since.  But you know how I got. I got started. So mining is the first area you decided to go into. That's that. That's really not the approach that most people take. It's not E. I mean, it's very interesting work that they do, but that's not something that I normally go all. It's the cleanest environment That's what I want to jump into, especially from anthropology. So I find it interesting that that was the first that you took. Yeah. Yeah, it was very interesting. You know, I had no plans to be a minor, even though, you know, the health and safety path I I didn't really even know was, um, really a career option at that time.  So I guess that's why now, I'm just so passionate about about, you know, mining, but also other industries. Welcome. Safety is just so widespread, you know, literally working me and any industry. So now, kind of, um, 12 13 years later, really getting the message out to the younger folks who are who are going through school. So, um, yeah, they really see it as a really great career option. So at what point do you get the moniker of safe D? When you're out in the out, how does somebody come up with it?  Is this something you start using or how does it happen? Yeah, So I have a fairly unique name, and some folks have trouble saying it are pronouncing it or are just, you know, maybe scared to say it, you know, it's more than one syllable. So, folks, um maybe they have trouble remembering my name. So, um, I used to go by D quite a bit. Um, when I was growing up and it just kind of came to me, actually, I don't know. Maybe about six months ago or so I was, like, Who?  Safety D d. Well, I tell you, I was not even going to take a stab at your first name because I knew I was gonna butcher. It's like I'll just wait till this comes up. Yeah, Dimitra? Yeah, Yeah, I'm terrible at reading people's names, periods where Itis gov I butcher them as we move forward. So e I see that you kind of did a lot of movement. And then, of course, you're doing the mining thing. You did it for, you know, a period of time. But at that point, it seems like you move forward and you've been doing the independent consulting and so on.  But you decided that Hey, it's time for me. You kind of take the we'll see the big chair, and I'm gonna take every sea level position that's available because I'm starting my company. So what led you to go down. Yeah. So, um, again, I was at the same mine for about 12 years, and they were really kind of starting to ramp down. And I knew I needed something in my back pocket. And I really didn't quite know what that next move for my career was gonna be. Um so I for my hello be about a year and 1/2 ago, Kind of keeping it in my back pocket kind of as a backup plan, knowing that eventually I really just wanted to work for myself full time.  So I had another couple of of opportunities coming in between but really kind of the turning point for me. Waas When I decided that I wanted to go back just cool and get my doctorate, and I knew I needed a little bit more time and flexibility. And I was traveling like crazy with my previous dub in the safety director role, just traveling like crazy, and I knew I couldn't manage both. So I have got a call from some independent consulting companies for a job in mining. And I said, OK, now's the time I can do this.  So here I am. So you're actually doing your doctorate now at the same time to that you just recently started your company when you're on 1/2 ago, as you were saying, your your doctorate from what I can find is an education. So why did you decide to go down? Yes, So 111 area that I've I've always really loved is the training aspect in the industry, and I've seen and I've done my best to really make it meaningful impactful, And I've taken some adult learning theory courses, but really getting industry kind of, um, together and really making that transition from just safety training to really safety education really was a struggle kind of throughout my entire career.  But when I I know I always wanted to get a doctorate and, of course, I considered a doctor and safety, but I really wanted to learn more about the educational aspect, and I really want to change the way training is done in the industry, but not only how it's done, but I really want to work with trainers and really kind of get everybody to that next that next level where we're not just, you know, teaching the subject. And we have great subject matter experts who are able to, you know, papel information, but really getting into the theory of how adults learn and just ensuring that that's incorporated and that we're doing the follow up in the assessments and we're ensuring retention were not just checking the box for a regulatory requirement.  So do you see a lot off? Do you see a lot of clothes in the industry? Nail as you're going out and about from different places, and I'm not asking you to name anywhere, because I don't think that would be fair. But are you seeing flaws as you're going around? Yes, I wouldn't call it La Vie for me. I'm just a huge advocate of continual improvement and training things to be one of the areas after after an incident happens that we tended kind of throw throw training out as being, you know, a potential issue.  Well, let let's retrain with retrained. Well, if the training is an effective the first time, maybe we need a look at me that some of the reasons why Oh, I know, I know. At least see the industry trainers that I've worked with they're not. They're not, um, they're not trained on adult learning theory. Um, the next time you walk into a room that there's a trainer at, you're probably gonna have some problems. Yeah, like a Are you saying anything else without me? This'll J Allen show. I've mentioned it before, but I am not the greatest and getting to places early, especially when traveling and getting to the airport early enough to avoid the I might miss the flight anxiety.  That's why I'm excited about our newest sponsor here, and that's clear. Never run late again to a gate. Clear helps you get through security with the tap of a finger so you can get to your gate faster and reduce the free flight stress. Start getting through security in a tap Clear replaces the need of a physical I d. 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That is e r o hp dot com, and click on the link that says Open enrollment and we are back on the J. Allen show on Safety FM. I mean, I'm just saying, and I think that there's a learning curve for some kind of jump in here. I think there is a learning curve that still needs to be kind of standardized throughout different organizations.  And I say that from the standpoint, that is exactly what you're saying. We don't teach people how how adults learn. We still kind of use the child mentality on trade now, and I think that's worse. Some of and I'll use the word flaw because I know that you don't want to use it that way where I see some of the flaws in the industry. I see a Zycie with your stuff. How did you decide on Waco, Texas, out of all places on the planet. Yeah, I researched a lot of cool who are offering a doctor in education.  Obviously, I needed to be able to have an online and online program. I wanted a reputable, accredited college. I'm from Texas originally, so I don't know if that has has has anything to do with it. But in all my research, I just found that they were had the best program and they they have just started up. I'm actually in the second cohort. So that actually just started this platform for this online doctorate of education. So when you say that you're from Texas, do you have any tires into Waco in particular?  No, I don't I don't know. I was gonna say cause then, of course, you know you're gonna get the questions of Are you part of the people that do the house flipping show and all that other stuff that only comes out? That's why I asked. So as you're seeing all these different things in the industry and of course, I'm sure that when you talk to people and automatically your overnight success because you're everywhere on linked in social media in particular, what do you tell them. What do you tell them?  That's been your key. To make it to where you're at Currently. Yeah, And I feel like I'm learning so much yet for me was just, like all the consistency and actually really just looking at the other safety professionals who have such a presence. But also, you know, not just trying to make a name for themselves, but really just, you know, spreading information and really just influencing. So I I have several people, you know, that I looked up Teoh through link. Then I hope we'll get to meet one day that I was so inspired by.  And I said, Well, you know, if if if I can really learn from these folks what they're doing and you know, kind of emulate and be more a greater safety professional, I'm connecting with, you know, people in the industry and really passing it forward. If they can do it, then I can do it too. So it just kind of started slowly but surely and then, Yeah, just with the feedback. And, you know, people just, you know, e mailing me or media messages. Hey, thank you for that message today.  You know what? It really helped me out. Or, um, also kind of wanting to grow my business as well. It's just a really great, really great platform and been able to connect with a lot of great people, including yourself. Thank you. I see that you have. You kind of have a lot in that answer there. So who are the people that you can kind of influenced you that she would like to meet That you haven't met yet? The only reason I say this is because this is the perfect opportunity to mention it.  And let's see what we can get worked out. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. So, Abby, very. Of course, I haven't been able to meet her yet, but she was one of the first influences online, but that I found. And Joe Kenya? Um, I know she's local, The Phoenix. Every soul to have a couple of times. She's not. She's not too far away. So yeah, I know where Powerful Cross. Eventually. There's, um, the, um the safety Justice League. What those folks are doing with that platform is oh, from, um yeah, game on.  And you did a guest spot with the Jesus the safety back. I did. Yeah. How did that work? But you don't know them. But how did you How did that work out? So they contacted Jude. You contacted them? Yeah. They re stop me enough. If I would do, like a guest spot. And I see that, you know, they're kind of putting in guess, um I guess a different weak. So I think I think that's great. Yeah, I just I just love what they're doing with that. So cool.  So So they contact you, but you've only I just had conversations with the with Abby and Nate and so on. Is that so? Just not having met them in person. That Yeah, I just have a message in person. Yeah, alone, but maybe help. How people can can come together and, you know, without actually meeting in person out. It's interesting on how that Lincoln platform works, because I will tell you that the majority of the interviews that we do here and I can tell you the other the other host that we have the majority come through linked in its on very rare occasions where we're actually doing a face to face because happened conferences but it's very rare cause Muslim come through linked in or they actually come onto our platform where they're actually requesting to come on.  So I always find it interesting on how LinkedIn works. And the interesting part, as of late, is that it seems like Lincoln has become what Facebook was back in, like 2011 were just It's just so much content that's on There used to be where people were just mostly posting toe to find a job. But now it's like content, and I can go there and I can see what you're doing and the work that you're going out there and, you know, putting forward. So I always find it interesting on how that works, and it really has brought a lot of people together.  Um, a few weeks back, we actually had the that's jlr Safety Justice League on, and they had said that this was the first time that they were having a conversation as a group over the phone via interview, and I was like, That's so weird that people think that they're so quite so tight niche, but they really don't get to know each other. So here's what happened here is what I would like to ask you. So when you're doing all your social media stuff, which, like I said, is everywhere on on lengthen bite Do people reach out to you in all of a sudden, automatically think that you know them because they know you so well.  Based on your postings, I wouldn't. They know me so well. I've attended a couple of conferences and training here lately. And people Oh, hey, D Hey, you know, they see I'm like, Oh, hi. How the going, You know, um and then, yeah, I I hope you all Lincoln often. Yeah, you know? Yeah. So we're connected and yeah, we just kind of started the conversation. So, um yeah, there's been a little bit of that, um, with chemical and and I see that you do, quite, you know, quite a few posts.  And as I look at it with the post that you dio and how you're actually putting all your information out there, do you feel at some point that people know probably a little bit too much about you, or how do you look at it? I'm always kind of like I'm always shy about what you put What do you not I mean, and I can see that you're tied into so many different companies and like, something as like, this week you're posting that you're doing some trainings, that you're actually being trained in an organization which I thought was pretty interesting.  And you're putting that information out there? So how does how does that work for you? Yeah, it looks great. So, yeah, part of part of the tax pro training that, um, that I'm going through in order to become an independent consultant. Trainer for them? Um, yeah, I think I think whatever platform that that you're utilizing especially, you know, a great record analysis training like like pepper, which we would be talking about anyway, You know who who's using what, which which methodology is is better or may work better for your industry.  I think that, in general is great to talk about. You know, it's gonna bring a little bit of recognition, Teoh. You know that, brands And then also you know, to me, as I'm as I'm trying to grow that side of my business, which you know is one component Teoh some of the services that I'll be able to offer in the future. This is Jay Island show. Are you tired of actually going to a safety event? And it's extremely pouring. Well, let's go ahead and change that moving Ford, reach out to our team here at safety Focus Moment.  You're extraordinary. We can provide you anything from guest speakers to full blown war shops. To find out more information, go to safety. Focus moment dot com that safety. And don't forget to tell them that you heard it here on safety. And we are back on the J. Allen Show on safety FM. So right now, seeing for instance, if you want your really begin contact with people and are less kind of go with the reverse cycle, you want to contact people, let them know what you're doing. And people want to know more information about you.  How would they go about finding you? Yeah, right now, Yeah, probably strictly through lengthen is the best. I don't have my website up and running yet, but I do have my email also on my linked and so some folks have reached out that way as well. So email at pro safer Lions stock Khanum is another good way to reach me. And yeah, I'd love toe to top shot with anybody who have some who have, you know, ideas in one simple in here be part of the platform together and really just Yeah, it's just really amazing what's going on right now with Lincoln and all the activity and, you know, the hub and the inspiration of the safety professionals all all coming together right now.  So it's really it's really awesome to be a part of. Well, safe D is you, Aziz. You have deemed it. I appreciate you coming on to the show. Yeah. Thank you. Um, for giving all of us safety probe the platform. We appreciate it. Oh, thank you. So right now, I'm gonna have Joshua come on from Alliance for Central Florida safety, and he wants to talk to you about something that they have coming up in the Central Florida area. Known a safety day 2020. And I normally know that we don't do a lot of regional events.  At least we don't talk about them here, but I want to make sure that we did give them time to talk about it. Here on the J. Allen show. I also want to be extremely clear, as he does have the conversation about what they are offering at Safety Day 2020. I will not be speaking at Safety Day 2020 just in case. I don't want there to be any confusion. So here's Joshua. Well, Safety Day 2020 is on March 25th and it's at the Rosen Plaza, which is 9700 International Drive in Orlando, Florida The event is from 8 30 in the morning, toe 4:30 p.m.  And this year we are covering a group of dynamic speakers and presenters on psychological well and mental health. Well, this which is a pretty test topic for for us to cover, but it's gonna be exciting and remarkable. So we're actually gonna start today with, um, our first topic, which is operational and financial by hand, and we got a great contractor that has, ah, pretty amazing story to tell about how they have turned their safety culture around and went from, you know, room for improvement in many areas to safety. Excellent.  So that's that's gonna be the way we're going to kick off the meeting on. And then we've got a great speaker, actually, a group of speakers. They're gonna talk about trash talk, risking engagement, which is how the waste management group to turn around the safety culture within that group. A pretty dynamic and amazing conversation. Um, next, we're gonna have a great speaker that talk about understanding Orestes and how that impacts not only cultures but the psychological aspect of that. Um And then we're gonna have a topic for which is going to be the courage to speak up, which is a panel speaker.  Ah, group of panel speakers. They're going to talk about psychological awareness and how to tell if somebody you work with or somebody who might be on your job site could be having a really bad day and might need some intervention. Might need some immediate help knowing talk about some of the signs and symptoms of that, But how you can also help those people. And then, uh, as a topic number five, we're going to talk about psychological and power. Ah, great group of speakers there. They're gonna talk about mental illness.  We're gonna go really deep and take a deep dive into that not only talk about mental wellness, but we'll talk about all of the available support systems out there for mental wellness that people may not be aware out, which is excellent. And then we're gonna end the day with a Florida Department of Health certification. You're the help until help arrives. So not only during state today. We're gonna need it to get here a bunch of dynamic speakers. But you're gonna get the opportunity to get certified as well.  On top of all of these great things that are gonna be happening out safe. Today we have an amazing group of vendors, and this group of vendors has been with us for many years and are the lifeblood of our entire event. They do a great job of bringing a lot of great safety products. New age things on. Think that interest every single person at safety day. Um, and this year we're gonna have upwards of 60 vendors. So that's a pretty amazing stats. Um, now what? We start talking about the cost of safety day.  Um, it's definitely the most as a CFT myself. It's the most cost effective. He used that that I know of. Um, right Now, if you register for safety Day 2022 cost is $30 and that includes free parking at the Rosen that includes a free lunch and includes the certification, all the speakers, all the vendors and all the networking. Um, and if you register after ah marks the 21st or at the door, it will be $50. So some amazing opportunities to network and learn every single day that you there now, if they want to get more information, is their website, they can go to Absolutely.  So you can go to www dot a DFS dot org's and again that www dot a e f f dot org's. And this brings another episode of the genial on show to an end. Thank you for making the time to take a listen to this special episode today, and I know it's kind of the order out of the ordinary cause it's Friday we'll be back with another episode in no time. For more information about the broadcast in the podcast, the radio station in the video casting, go to safety FM dot com and we're available on all different platforms of social media.  Thank you for being the best part of the show. The listener goodbye for now. The more you listen, the more we get into your head. Safety FM. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guest, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. 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