Making a Monster
03: Warforged Colossus - Steve Fidler
August 24, 2020
Somewhere in the Mournlands of Eberron, a weapon of mass destruction walks freely across the blighted wasteland. For players, the Warforged Colossus blurs the line between monster and environment - between dungeon and dragon. Steve Fidler of Vorpal Dice Press shows us around Arkus, the Warforged Colossus, a creature that is also a dungeon. With its horde of deformed Warforged and its origin in the Glowing Chasm of Eberron's Mournlands, it’s pretty easy to read the Warforged Colossus as a metaphor for nuclear fallout - a kind of steampunk Godzilla. "Sometimes," Steve says, "I think a lot of players do just enjoy beating the bad guy." As a special bonus for listeners of the podcast, Steve has made available one of Mythic Eberron’s Mythic Rewards: it’s called a Salvaged Titan Chassis, and it’s a fully operational mech suit your D&D character can pilot. Download the PDF free here: Meet my guest: Saga MacKenzie, illustrator: Meet the guest: Support the show: Join the conversation: Music from Jason Shaw at Audionautix: