Soul Savvy Business
A Purposeful Cancer Journey of Faith (Henry Dotson III)
March 2, 2023
After an unexpected diagnosis of bone cancer, Henry Dotson discovered through his journey to recovery that faith is a powerful healer. He felt God’s calling to help others with cancer, but could he turn this into a spiritual coaching business?
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“God said, part of the reason I spared your life is so that you could give a testimony to others, and let them know that you serve a living God, and that He's still in the miracle-making business. And so you need to share your story.” — Henry Dotson III

Henry Dotson III is an electrical and mechanical engineer, engineering consultant, author, and life purpose coach. His own unexpected diagnosis of cancer had a deep impact on his career and personal journey. By sharing his experience and his faith, Henry hopes to inspire others impacted by cancer to live their best and most purposeful lives.

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