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#166: Setting An INSANE World Record in Mountaineering, Raising 7 Children, Building an 8-Figure Business… & Surviving a Horrific Car Crash w/ Jenn Drummond
December 19, 2023
Jenn Drummond has a story so crazy you might think it’s a fictional superhero backstory. 1. 8-Figure business owner 2. She almost died in a crazy car crash 3. Struggled with infertility… but today is a mom of 7 kids 4. Set the world record for being the 1st (and only) woman to ever climb the second-highest peaks on each continent (harder than summiting the highest peaks...) No joke. If it wasn’t clear already, Jenn is another person that is the definition of being Beyond Curious — someone who reinvented themselves in MULTIPLE ways. This is an EPIC conversation… and Jenn is the first world-record holder that has been on the podcast! I had so much fun reading her new book, Breakproof, in preparation for this conversation… not only to hear about her crazy journey setting an insane world record, but learning about the process of achieving massive goals. To learn more about Jenn, visit