Dating Kinky
Do you sniff your hand after you shake hands? Ha! Are you suuuuure?
August 11, 2021
Nearly three decades ago, I ran across this weird book in the discount section of a Borders Books that was all about bio-hacks before the language of bio-hacking was a part of our cultural zeitgeist.
I learned some really interesting things. 

One thing I learned was that most people sleep in 90-minute cycles and that how creating a consistent sleep schedule is healthy. 

I haven’t used an alarm clock since. I sleep 6 hours a night, and I’ve never had real sleep issues of any sort. 

I also learned about oil washing facial skin and I’ve been dong that since. 

I learned about coconut oil long before that was a huge thing for everyone. 

I learned about no-poo. 

And, I learned a bit about the body and scent, and how to live inside the meat sack I’ve been given. And now, I rarely use soaps to wash my body, I don’t use antiperspirants (don’t even own any), and I’m very careful about perfumes and colognes. 

No one who spends much time with me notices any body odor (I don’t have much), and I can tell when my own scent changes through my cycles and if I’m feeling a bit unwell. 

And recently, on FetLife in some comments, a short discussion about how important scent is to attraction came up. And not long after I ran across this article about how humans rely more on scent than we think…

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